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Month Card x1 - kmgz7ccfD
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daily gift bag x10 - yDbHZaToH
secret combination code - eyQXjb0VF
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rubies - h8xhoE2UD
legendary heroes - e8zQPfPdk
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resources - q5f5E7ewX
level up - O9hwiAYdy

The Walking Dead Survivors use cheats
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Game story

Your bus broke down outside a town. If we're gonna be stuck here, we need to protect ourselves. Let's gather supplies, anything that we can use to set up camp and establish defenses. Vayne found an axe in the truck's wreckage. If you want to set up camp, there's actually a small town nearby. We might be less exposed there. Town is just another world "swarming with walkers". If you could find more people, you could really fix this place up. There's a broadcasting station over there, if it's at all functional, you can use that to get help.

The Walking Dead Survivors Hack Basics

Map - red marks could signify survivor camps. Maybe whoever used radio last was keeping track of the folks who were still alive. Area is shrouded in fog - explore and see what we can find. Fix up firestation - trains melee fighters and increase their training speed. Not more enough resources? Send your survivors to collect more. Build guard tower - detects attackers and helps to defend, protects idle fighters when defending town. Occupy a scavenge site - it provides resources.

Hint & Tips

1. Grow faster with help from clan members. Get clan gifts and play clan events. Get useful items in the clan store. Attack and defend together.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: chapter buff, training speed bonus, instant march, collection speed up, rubies, legendary heroes, unlock territories, resources, level up, off ad
3. Send out survivors to explore dangerous unknown regions and scavenge for anything that could help you survive.

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The Walking Dead Survivors Redeem gift code

1. ZHx6JijeUjcleNp
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