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Three Kingdoms & Puzzles use cheats
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Game story

Ever since three kingdoms dynasty, the war has lasted for decades. The lands lie barren and fields are littered with corpses of hunger. People's hope is sinking like the setting sun. In the meantime, Kylin the auspicious sacred beast suddenly turned fierce and violent and began attacking humans ruthlessly. The heavy rain is coming, and the war will be purified. And you, you are the first drop of rain. Go back to the days when the flames of war first broke out! Stop the mysterious man, you are our only hope.

Three Kingdoms & Puzzles Hack Basics

Match four pawns to form a bomb pawn. Tap the bomb pawn to cause a cross match. Match five pawns to form a gem pawn. Tap the gem pawn to match all the pawns of the same color on the board. Able generals and outstanding counselors are the key to our victory. My lord, plese pay attention to summon them. Heroes summoned in the advanced summon gate can considerably strengthen our troops. Elements can counteract each other, which will affect the damage caused by the Pawns. If a fire pawn is used to attack an enemy of wood element, the damage will be doubled.

Hint & Tips

1. Battle loots are granted after each winning battle and can be used to increase combat power, so please pay attention to it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: SSR hero summon, epic troop, resources, pills, evolve jade, fragments, gold, loot ticket, month card, trainer, battle pack, energy
3. Besides summoning powerful heroes, leveling up your units is also a good way to boost your combat power. On the hero roaster choose a hero to upgrade. Choose a character to consume. An upgraded hero will perform better with skill and ease on the battlefield. A powerful team is the key to victory!
4. We need to consume resources to develop the Canglang island. Tap on an open space to construct resource buildings. A house can accommodate Militas. Militias can be trained into heroes. As the saying goes, provisions should be arranged before an army is mobilized. At the moment, our logistics is well prepared thus we can stay at ease while marching. The upgrade of the fortress will increase the max level of buildings on the island and unlock more tiles for construction.

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