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Thunder Squad hack cheat code List

dust - use hack JCAxtElur
daily pack - enter pass bzDWRZ4Gk
secret combination - KhVuDuBG0
legendary hero - 4B70XNGAK
booster pack - J8Q5t9o8C
diamond - BznJpG906
Month Card x1 - omOMdTYac
level up - kg8f18P1P
friendship points - 2Kzje5fC8
special alchemy - hYSZR9xjW
daily gift bag x10 - fVZwV5FrN
upgrade - phhgyoUYP
evolve - e1YtHa5Ze
gems - 829t1JZy8
vip 20 value pack - PouPMW9h9
fantasy/demon creatures - Y5XD5NOij
off ad - B7U1Dfppu
fragments - yx1Phv1JG
silver coin - TN0OBiBb0
quest points - IFuGhBYix
thunder points - VMDtvdyI6
refresh - 0dd8cElLf

Thunder Squad use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Ah, you must be the new captain! We don't have much time, i'll try to explain the basics of battle before you depart. Top - enemy will spawn here. Bottom - we can't let them get past here. Don't let them take this position. You need to defeat these enemies. Not so long ago, this rowdy bunch of hooligans appeared in the wilderness. We can't let them get close to Bolt City. See the list at the bottom? It shows your fighters waiting for action. They'll begin combat operations as soon as they've been deployed. The number above your list of fighters show your total thunder points (TP). Fighters may only be sent into battle when you have enough TP to cover their cost.

Thunder Squad Hack Basics

Se the number on your fighters' tiles? That represents their TP cost. Generally speaking, more powerful fighters cost more TP to deploy. But don't fret! TP will be generated over time during battle. I expect you know what you're doing. Battle is about to begin! Start by deploying a fighter. See spot on the battlefield? Drag your fighter's avatar there to deploy them. Well done! You've deployed your first melee fighter. Melee fighters will block advancing enemies. We need some ranged fighters for extra protection. Snipers should be deployed in bottom position to aid their melee counterparts in battle.

Hint & Tips

1.The pause button is in the upper right. Tap it to pause or continue the game. The battle speed button is to the right of pause. Tap it to adjust the speed of battle.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give:quest points, thunder points, legendary unit, gems, refresh, dust, legendary hero, diamond, friendship points, special alchemy, evolve, fantasy/demon creatures, off ad, fragments, gems, silver coin
3. Basic details are shown at the top of the screen. Your total HP shows the maximum number of enemies that the protected point can take. Enemy details show both the total number of enemies nad those that you have already defeated.
4. Some fighters are able to use skills which deal damage to more than one nearby enemy. Using skills is no easy task, however! A fighter's skill is only ready once their avatar begins to glow. You'll need to command them to unleash it. Use your unit's skills once enemies come close enough.
5. Remember to keep an eye on the status of your heroes. Tap a character deployed to battle to see a detailed status report. Block shows the maximum number of enemies they can prevent from moving forward. Keep this one in mind. Retreat will recall a fighter to standby, allowing them to rest before being redeployed. Your thunder points will be refunded upon retreat. If the fighter is defeated, you will not regain TP.

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