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Game story

Welcome! This island has a lot to offer, but we need to catch some fish first. Go on an expedition - choose earthstore. Find a fish - look for shadows in the water, touch anywhere to drive the boat. Tap the cast button to begin fishing. Touch and drag to aim your cast. After the fish bites, tap anywhere to reel. Fill up your inventory - catch more fish. Return home - open the map, tap return.

Tides A Fishing Game Hack Basics trucos

Build a fishing assistant - can be built on the south shore. Talk to a fishing assistant to upgrade them. Discover all earthshore fish - open the compendium to view your progress. Tides is a small game, designed to be a meditative escape with serene visuals, calming music, and simplistic gameplay.

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Fish: red drum - have also been called redfish, spottail, red bass, and channel bass. THey have a lifespan that can exceed forty years and are commonly found along the coast of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Pinfish - are commonly found in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico around Florida. THe name is derived from the presence of numerous spines on the front of the dorsal fin. Hardhead catfish - commonly refered to just as catfish, their name is derived from a hard bony plate that spans from between the yeye to the dorsal fin.

Tides A Fishing Game Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Drive your boat across various expedition destinations, discovering and collecting a plethora of beautiful fish.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Tides A Fishing Game cheat code - give: unlock expeditions, premium fish, boats, islands, expand territory, gold coins, unlock buildings, manager, auto clicker, chests, off ads
3. This game is basically an upgrade game you fish around these islands also upgradable and collect coins from fishing, the ads are floating around the island as well so if your in need of coins the ads let you double the amount for 30 secs or for pearls another also another in game currency that unlocks rare chests.

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