Cheats hack Tilescape code:shield, unlock colors, gift pack, goon skins, keys, artifact, distillate Riverbank Tilescape Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Tilescape hack cheat code List

shield - use hack oQyT7aLTw
unlock colors - enter pass nCh1s3P5H
gift pack - qPqgm0iOx
goon skins - aipQI5KUf
booster pack - 66xvgoCfp
keys - 4jP0mdlyr
Month Card x1 - 2qAdJCS5H
upgrade - VZzYXaNFn
daily gift bag x10 - NFVhTnh5K
secret combination code - tMWiieJaF
premium - bNyb7jpyH
artifact - gBSIqPjgA
weekly box - uSSglAB2f
freezes all - CUgf4GdIL
distillate Riverbank - x2tQzJaww
activity pass - ViBFPqE5M

Tilescape use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

How to play: tap the directional areas to move your character. Collect gems, avoid traps, and find the artifacts. Divine gem: collecting a gem tile rewards the player with 4 gems. There are 5 gem tiles ine ach level with a bonus reward for collecting all gems in a world. Bosses reward 50 gems. Push tile - no matter what direction this tile is interacted from. It will push the player onto the tile that it points towards.

Tilescape Hack Basics

Basic goon - can only move whenever the player moves. They randomly choose a space within one block to teleport with a chance for skips. Spike trap - move between attack and neutral states. Goons avoid them and they will not switch if you are positioned on top of them. Moveable wall - can be pushed by the player in any direction. Crab goon - like a crab, these goons move left to right, bulldozing anything that gets in their way. Stay off their lane to be safe.

Hint & Tips

1. Locks&keys: find keys scattered around each level to break through the locked tiles.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shield, unlock colors, gift pack, goon skins, keys, artifact, freezes all, distillate Riverbankbr />3. Laser trap - consuming the entire row. Their powerful beam evaporates non goons on impact! Lasers pass through everything - including walls.
4. Gas trap - puffs out poisonous gas in all four directions.
5. Freeze item - freezes all enemies and traps for the next 3 player moves.

Tilescape Hack tools Version:


Tilescape Redeem gift code

1. hvQqITAMENvdnYr
2. 1BaKjpbE8I0B4lj
3. sLW4nzjdDnq0NVI
4. FllADRdGEj9g2on
5. d4oQagskfuy8fEg
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