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Tiny Fantasy hack cheat code List

epic item - use ev0gj0m2H
off ads - bk4eRowpf
secret combination - wpn5nrrdx
super lucky wheel - JnvsmC9On
double rewards - wiKXgVoYJ
gift box - LjdrCdowj
stamina energy - 4d1KFZU5H
gold coins - Hl9jukmJI
starter package - CRMpG8Hxx
admin panel - pUaBk57sK
skins - myDrEQadK
revive - use GHs7YpDxc
legendary chest - 07lMGPeAk
artifact - EiZM1nGSv
gems - zLktbgodl

Tiny Fantasy use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome, new adventurer! Drag anywhere to move your hero. Character will automatically attack enemies in range. Full mana - tap to use your special attack. The monster is guarding the portal, defeat it. We've got a chest. Before opening the treasure chest, let's leave the dungeon through the portal. Use the map to your advantage: Outsmart your enemies with strategies unique to each level. Defeat bosses for rare heroes and followers!

Tiny Fantasy Hack Basics trucos

Let's add the new follower to our party. You can manage and upgrade your followers here - party. Tap on our new unit for further action. Now tap the empty spot on the team panel. Excellent! This character will now follow you into the dungeon. You can form your team with up to 3 followers. Choose your partners wisely.

enter cheat (Tiny Fantasy gift codes):
upgrade trucos - bJUI42BCG
level up - G2wvD7gmJ
daily pack - enter pass oH88fkAnu
admin account - FcUUP4vWV
Month Card x1 - A74YTU9Ab
booster pack - 5YFjyiKF2
evolve - ZtUvEzLf4
enhance - z13Jq32Dt
Ability effect: Fire storm - skill whirlwind becomes smaller but rages with fire. Anchor - increase your knockback resistance. Mana regeneration - increase mana regeneration rate. Calibur - your attack deals sword beam damage. Bloodthirst - restore health when you kill enemies. Combo effect up - increase mana regeneration from combo. Immune - become invincible for 4 seconds once in a while. Fanaticism - increase attack speed after you attack, this effect can stack up.

Tiny Fantasy Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can level up your heroes and followers. Remember, the hero's maximum level is capped by your player level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Tiny Fantasy cheat code - give: gems, epic item, super lucky wheel, gift box, stamina energy, gold coins, skins, revive, off ads, promote, pet, artifact
3. Harvest - increase chance to drop potions. Enemy may drop potions on defeat.
4. Militia archer - very high headshot rate when aiming for the apple on the head. Militia knight - this warrior excels at weeding.

Tiny Fantasy Hack tools Version:


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