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Titan Slayer Game story

You want to get past the Titans to get to Valhalla? Wait a moment and listen to what I have to say! I'll tell you a little bit of how to get there. Explore Forest of indolence. First, let's open the map to Valhala. Tap the Exploration button. Select the first area and start the journey. Tap the Stage button. Select the one of three Commands To issue commands to your characters... Let's try attacking the monster with the attack command...Move the below attack command to the top to use it. You can perform more powerful attacks by using your Final Strike...

Oh, no...You don't have enough mana. If you use skip to pass 1 action point, you can recieve 1 mana. Tap the Skip button at the bottom right to gain mana. Now you're ready to use your final strike!

Titan Slayer Hack Basics trucos

Wicked monster! It's going to attack on its next turn. Increase your defenses and prepare for it. Use Defensive Stance to prepare for the monster' attack. If you use up all your Action points, It'll skip to the monster's turn. Tap the end turn button to end your turn. There are commands that can inflict status ailments on monsters. Try using the Strike Vitals command. Do you see that monster's status? Tap the icon to check it out. It's wounded, so the battle should be easier. Wound: for 1 turns, rceive 50% additional damage when attacked. Since it's wounded, let's finish it off. Try using the Pistol Barrage. After battles, you can obtain the Keepsakes of the explorers that came before us. That monster on the left is going to be trouble. Try changing targets and attacking it. Tap the left monster to change targets. I don't have anything left to teach you. Use everything you've learned to defeat the remaining monsters.

enter Titan Slayer gift pass:
upgrade trucos - D4TtjRmcB
level up code - MgTzh0ur1
daily pack cheat - enter pass F0ks41X2l
admin account - r7EKhvVpi
Month Card x1 - WeoirBGz8
booster pack - 59uObHGpE
evolve - yp4PgNXWn
enhance - 0AcxVRIyM
Spear of destruction - Reduce enemy's current DEF by 100%. Deal 100%(44) of ATK as damage to an enemy. Final blow - Deal 200%(88) of ATK as damage to an enemy. Fishing rod - After using 4 commands in a turn, Mana 1 add. Holy grail - At the start of the battle, Recover your HP by 30%(14) of max HP. Dungeon chest - Obtained after exploration ends. Strange book - After using 3 commands in a turn. Deal 300%(132) of ATK as damage to all enemies. Withered flower - After using 4 commands in turn. Grant Burn status to the enemy. Burn: deal 30%(13) of ATK as damage every turn for 1 turns. Pertified thing - At the start of turn 1. Increase armor by an additional 100%(19) of DEF.

Titan Slayer Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. I've prepared a present that should be of assistance to you. Check the mailbox to the upper right. Tap to check the chest. Refunds are limited upon receipt of the item in the mailbox.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Titan Slayer cheat code - give: gold, chest, unlimited mana, progression package, artifact, legendary card, rune, promotion, evolve material, weapon, equipment, summon x10, ruby gem
3. Now that the Black Magician has joined you on your journey, Try reforming your group. Move to the Unit formation screen. You can mix and match characters to create a powerful Battalion. Tap Enhance to power up your character
4. Don't you feel at ease seeing your stats go up? Confirm the Enhancement after checking the stats.

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