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Game story

Hey, how have you been? Let's keep playing the unfinished game. We just have to start over quickly. The two titans started the game. You become a mountaine titan and play the game. The battle ready turn is the process of draw the battler card from your eck and placing it on the battlefield. When the turn begins, you will receive some gold. With three gold, you can draw a battler card from your deck. Click on the card you just draw from deck to summon it. When you're ready, press ready button and watch the battle. Once the battle phase begins, we're going to start fighting automatic. In general, battlers attacks the nearest enemy first. When the battle is over, the remaining number of stars in the battlers will cause damage to the other Titan. Repeat battle ready and battle until the Titan's HP reaches zero.

TitanChess Hack Basics

We can pick up a summoned battle and move other position in battle field. If there's a kind of battler at the star level, you can merge. If there's no tile to summon more battler, you can make room by excluding them. If you pay a certain amount of gold and strengthen the giant, you can create a battle field tile. The battle field tiles is created up to eight digits. The higher titan level, you can draw battler card higher star level. Reinforce hero level at the right time, because reinforcement gold is discounted at each turn.

Hint & Tips

1. This is a combination of auto-battleer and deck-billed Game, and it is a game that enjoys PVP with pre-made deck unlike other auto-battleer Games.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: key, gold, secret room, hearts, trophy, box, shard, diamonds, legendary card, premium deck, level up, upgrade
3. It's a PVP game, using the Internet is essential and you can enjoy real-time combat with other players.

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TitanChess Redeem code - premium gift box

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Hack Release Date: 12 February 2021
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