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Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist Game story

After being attacked by the ghoul known as Rize, Ken Kaneki's life was saved upon receiving her organs via transplant. As a result, Ken was turned into a one-eyed ghoul, a type of human-ghoul hybrid. In order to live as a ghoul, he began working at a small coffee shop called Anteiku. While there, a ghoul organisation known as the Aogiri Tree appeared and attacked him. After being taken to their hideout, he endured extreme torture at the hands of a sadistic ghoul known as Yamori.

Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist Hack Basics trucos

Basic Controls: Ghouls: L Move; R - Rotate camera; X - Normal Attack; Y - Unique Action 1; B - Unique Action 2; L+A Evade; RT - Enable/Disable lock-in; LT - Ranged Attack Mode; LT+RT - Unique Action 3. Health and Stamina Gauges and Revival: Your health gauge depletes when you take damage, such as when enemy attacks you. If it reaches 0, you will be knocked out. Use a jumping attack to stagger Yamori. B - Jumping Attack. You can stagger enemies when you land unique attacks on enemies with shields or high defence. Y - Hold to charge Kagune Sweep.

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Defeat Yamori with a special move. Awakening Gauge Max. LB - Special move (consumes one level of the gauge). To perform a follow-up attack, approach a KOed or near-death enemy, and when they turn red, press RB. Ranged Attack Mode (Ghouls): Press LT to enter ranged attack mode, then press RT to trigger a unique action against the targeted enemy. If the enemy is within range, the targeting cursor will turn red. Shoot - Hold down LT and press RT.

Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Fighting Powerful Enemies - Health bars will display above the heads of powerful enemies, and a special icon will denote their locations when off-screen. After dealing heavy damage to a powerful enemy, an icon will display above them signifying that they are temporarily staggered and open to attack.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist cheat code - give: stamina, restore HP, increase stats, attack speed +500%, credits, skins, multiplayer mode, arena, new characters, battle pass, shield, combo attack.
3. Ghoul Health Recovery - If your playable character is a ghoul, you can pick up Health Pouches throughout the stage to restore health and increase your self-healing rate.
4. Rampages - Players may go on rampage upon death or near death. During the rampage, you will recieve a big boost to attack strength, attack speed, and defense. While this is a way to get your revenge, be careful as you can still be dealt damage.

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