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gold - use HOKpRzzw9
equipment box - YG0chW1J8
secret combination - IKliL38zo
heart of dragon - 0pC8bWjnG
double rewards - zrJVfeErP
soulstone - wTD2Od0VW
gems - 8nKnUeDkZ
guardian box - 8YHRfhFJ1
off ad - 3S7Nn5bOO
admin panel - JaiwjLg9y
enhancement stone - Px0EiBtm0
legendary guardian - use vERaKmSFU
skill points - 5U9OoOpVl
royal treasure - Pi3tpTuN2
fragments - 1utzR4xeE
medal - use 36ywWxMCz
auto clicker - S26X2ldTx

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Game story

Is it your new a mercenary soldier? It's much later than i expected. I haven't had enough a mercenary soldier lately. Have you ever fought against your monsters? The last mercenary soldier to come, ran away in less than a day. Your character is a serial killer that notoriously famous in dungeon. Battle: usually it can be hunted automatically, but if you control it, it can go on more precisely. I'll teach you how to skills, and i'll tell you where to press, so try it once. If you write a skill that suits the situation, you can get a monster more easily.

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Arcanist (long range attack) - she is very beautiful, healthy and full of life. Some people think she is very vulnerable to combat because of their fragile appearance, but her powerful magic overwhelms the enemy and kills her enemies in an instant. Warrior (near attack) - their history is very old, and they're brave. Their heavy armor overwhelming their black enemies, is not lacking in protecting themselves and their colleagues. He's a taciturn person who rarely talks about himself, and no one knows how he got into the Calbram mercenary squad at Colhen.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - meOlrj3Td
level up - fwAvVLPED
daily pack - enter pass t54sckicl
admin account - PATUCuqnp
Month Card x1 - baCm5nt31
booster pack - 1ODHTtx2b
evolve - XKBXQUSL8
enhance - 0fk50I6m7
Of you want to use potions automatically, check the check box above the potion button. Over time, you automatically use the potion. The healing potion will also be delivered as a service, so please use it for emergencies. You've caught most of the monsters in this area. Then why don't we summon the more powerful boss once? If you catch boss monster, you'll get legendary equipment. You must catch boss monster and get better weapons and armor.

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1. If you disassemble the equipment, you'll get a Orichalcon that can strengthen the item. I will let you know about the 'enhancement of equipment'. Depending on the level of item enhancing, the probability of success of the orichalcon used varies.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, equipment box, heart of dragon, soulstone, gems, guardian box, enhancement stone, legendary guardians, skill points, royal treasure, fragments, medal
3. Whenever a guardian's rating goes up, guardian's ability goes up a lot.
4. It seems that the time has finally come to tell you about 'guardian'. First of all, i'll tell you about a 'hero upgrade'. If you collect the same units, you will see the 'guardian number' that i have just displayed. if the number reaches its maximum value, you can try it once you have upgrade in the next grade. Be sure to do upgrade, because if you do upgrade, the characteristics that match your grade will apply.
5. You can play other games. During that time, your character will hunt. Once a day! Don't forget.

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