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Game story

Let's get a hold of your club. Everyone at club is excited that you will lead them through the season. First, let me introduce you to your squad. These are your players. Take a look at the initial line up. The stars indicate the quality of your players. Let's make some changes to your team. Aries has a higher quality rating than Andika in this role. Hold and drag him onto the pitch. When you are ready to continu, press the menu button. Your first match awaits. A series of friendly matches were arranged so you get to know your squad before playing against managers. See you in the dugout. The ball is rolling! Here in match view you can see what's happening on the pitch. They scored! You should consider making some tactical changes to turn this around.

Top Squad Football Manager Hack Basics

Set your team mentality to attacking. That should generate more opportunities for your team. This would be a good time for a substitution as your team needs fresh legs for the final push. Why don't you give Arafat a try? Your players will take any opportunity to impress. Go back to the match and see how he performs. Well done! The board has rewarded you with some tokens. Now you can go and buy a player with these tokens. Bid on players in auctions to improve your team and your club standing. The list will refresh with new players once the current auctions expire. The last bidder wins when the time is up. You signed new player. Now put him on the starting line up. Drag him to the pitch to increase your squad's strength. Press the menu button when you are ready to continue.

Hint & Tips

1. The final task to do in order to be truly ready for your next match is training. First, select quick training. Start off with medium intensity. All the drills are in place. Now let's get the whole squad on the training ground.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: tokens, 5 stars player, money, energy, premium items, manager, speed up, free shop, off ads, vip status
3. Let's see how seasons work. Each one is 50 days longs. You are currently on the 1st day of the season. Let's check the official competitions now. League is the main competition and starts on the 3rd day of every season. In the league, you complete against 13 other managers.
4. You play one match per day so make it count. Only the top 8 clubs will be promoted at the end of the season. From there, 4 clubs will qualify for the champions league next season. You club is currently 14th. From now on you are in charge. Remember to prepare your team well and the victories will come.

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