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Top Troops Game story

Join me and we will rule the world! Deploy the last 2 squads in your deck to start the battle! The field is lost! Everything is lost! Wait! Maybe not everything...This seems like a good place to rebuild our kingdom! Although we managed to escape, there are only a few of us left...And yet we cannot falter! It is time to chart these new lands and search for ways to make our new Kingdom stronger. The army is in your hands! Let us test what they are made of. Let's start by exploring this area. Tap on the icon to see what riches it holds. It appears we will have to battle for this territory. Tap on the button to learn more.

Top Troops Hack Basics trucos

Merge 3 similar units together to make a Stronger unit! Merge 3 or more Identical Units to discover a new and more powerful unit. As you play, you'll discover New Units, unlock New Characters. Items, Map Areas and more! Archers are a unit that can deal low damage form very long distances. Goblins are very fast and can deal medium amounts of damage. However, they have very low health power. Merging 5 elements instead of 3 will give you a merge bonus. You can Merge 5 instead of 6 and win a Merge Bonus. The Bonus works with Units and Chests too!

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upgrade trucos - rIUeTcbIv
level up code - CX5kc7FuL
daily pack Top Troops cheat - enter pass zNgb9rIqd
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Kamikazes run in a straight line and explode either when colliding with an enemy unit or when reaching the end of the battlefield. The explosion deals medium area of effect damage and pushes light weight units back. Squad limit of 7 reaches, upgrade Town Hall to increase it. Explore the surroundings. Now that our army is large enough to defend us, we can start building! The Rat Necromancer is a powerful summoner that soawns small and letal minions while inflicting high amounts of damage in area against its enemies. I've finished building this one for you. These are Builder Workshops. Each builder allows you to build more buildings at the same time. Try to build something yourself. Go to the SHOP and Build a Gold Mine. Tap on the gold mine to start it. Tap the green button to place the building. Come back to collect gold from time to time. We will need it to expand more and more.

Top Troops Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We can now train units in your new Training Camp! First, you'll need Recruits to spend on it. Tap on the Training Camp so you can train Troops! Tap on the Training Camp so you can train them! To train more, just tap the "+" button.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Top Troops cheat code - give: gold, buildings, chests, recruits, gems, energy, speed up, auto merge, premium troops, vip status, starter pack, off ads, promote, equipment, artifact
3. Training Units takes times, but you can always make it faster and skip it! Try it out! When the training is finished, just tap on the bubble to collect your units.
4. Swordsmen - are melee units that deal low damage but are okay at holding the line.
5. Squad limit of 7 reached? Upgrade town hall to increase it.

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Top Troops Redeem code - premium gift box 30.07.2021

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