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packs - use J5p3Bs6ce
gold - h3zTq5XsK
secret combination - uZKMutMuy
diamonds - 2TVE8TED1
double rewards - DTlE8IMxP
skill points - LWGhZPMnW
level pass - 21j61Lb0x
tower pass - SfakTz8bN
speed up - IepK8fsGL
admin panel - 2RRizJKbf
premium - DwnWaAU15
immediately redeem 480 minutes - use xVjusPSPE
enhance - jU8PQi0hv
legendary equipment - use grWMMK2GI

Torchlight IDLE use cheats
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Game story

As time passed, the Emberstone empire enters a state of decline. Novastraia is once again in a danger of being invaded by the dark forces. A goblin vanguard force is attacking the village in the empire. Adventurer! You must stand up and destroy this dark power to restore Emberstone empire to its former glory. After the battle, all went back to normal. Now it's time for you to start your next adventure. For the future of camp Castra and Emberstone empire, you must journey across the land. Map - you can enter the idle adventure through here.

Torchlight IDLE Hack Basics trucos

Forged - class fighter. The model 232 robot from the empire's research center. Skilled in both long and short range combat. Dust mage - class mage. The descendants of ancient alchemistsL having studied the ember stones and can manipulate their power. The can deal massive long range damage. Sharpshooter - class ranger. Deadly assassins hiding in darkness. They are great at tracking down their targets. An expert in archery, and can use magic to attack their enemies' souls. By balancing the power between light and dark, the dusk mage can maximize Embersone's potential. Moving like the wind, mysterious and difficult to comprehend, combining light and dark, the Dusk mage has a way t deal with every situation.

enter cheat (Torchlight IDLE gift codes):
upgrade trucos - RGZuI7NVA
level up - 2rM49ztmp
daily pack - enter pass aV9dd8wi1
admin account - QutxWjrNH
Month Card x1 - XBHW3s0rY
booster pack - fAAGJHsA4
evolve - xMJLrO5TV
enhance - r2nXvPirJ
There are three types of skills: basic, advanced, and ultimate. Skills unlock automatically once you reach certain levels, but you will need to equip it manually or swap it with another skill. Skills: tornado bomb - launch a devastating explosion after sucking in enemies within the range, inflicting 151% attack damage to all surrounding enemies and stun them for 1 second. Poisonous dart - fire a poisonous dart at the target, inflicting 80% attack damage on the target hit and spreading a toxic fog and poisoning the enemies within it, which lasts 5 seconds.

Torchlight IDLE Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Don't forget to follow the main tasks on the bottom of the screen. They will lead you on your adventures.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: packs, gold, diamonds, skill points, level pass, tower pass, premium, immediately redeem 480 minutes, enhance, legendary equipment
3. Forged, an engineering miracle that contains the soul of a real hero. Power, heat, and his unmoveable will are forged's best weapons.
4. Idle bonus - blessed with the power of emberstone, you can immediately redeem 120 minutes worth of idle rewards.

Torchlight IDLE Hack tools Version:


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1. yh1fPhDrt6gCedm
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