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Touhou LostWord use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I'll be supporting you on your journey. I'll teach you the basics of battle. First, why don't you try attack with a spread shot? Let's have the other two use spread shots too. When you've given commands to everyone, the battle will start. Use a spread shot to get spirit power from P items. With a lot of spirit power, something good might happen. When you've given everyone a command, the battle will start again. You can get P items from Focus shots too. But spread shots are better for P items. Focus shots are more focused on damage. Time contracts and the law of causality collapses, but the knives are ompnipresent. It's probably about time for you to wake up.

Touhou LostWord Hack Basics trucos

I'm going to teach you how to perform a prayer. Prayers use coins and seal crystals. Be careful though - they disappear after you use them. Let's go experience more of the story, tap on explore. Before you continue, let's go back to the home screen. I'm going to give you a brief explanation of the home screen. Tap "friends" to check on the friends you've made. You can power them up too. Story cards - you can check and power up your cards here.

enter cheat (Touhou LostWord gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ojFWczvfv
level up - s0JFVnfdU
daily pack - enter pass 5jHT8BGYZ
admin account - vh8qsTKQ8
Month Card x1 - 56IgfXtV9
booster pack - R9EW74CuI
evolve - jPW56tFmO
enhance - BJBbdWdFg
Finish tasks for rewards. Don't forget to check the list every so often. You might be able to find things you need in the shop. If you tap this icon, you can change the friend shown on this screen. The journal records information on your friends and your story cards. Messages and gifts will be sent to your mail, so check frequently. Important updates are shown right here in news. Don't forget to read them.

Touhou LostWord Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can collect spirit P from the shrine and coins, from the offering box. There is a storage limit, so collect them promptly. Sometimes, when you play a stage that has a story, a guest might join the party. Guests are different from your friends. They can't be removed from the party. You can add friends to any of the empty slots in the quest party. But they might be removed from their quest party slot when you have another guest.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Touhou LostWord cheat code - give: moonstone, citrines, stamina, restore HP, shield, items, buff, increase attributes, cube, synthesis, materials, off ad, lottery
3. You use two types of shots in battle: spread and focus. On the left, you have the spread shot. It's good for collecting P items for spirit power. On the right, you have the focus shot. It's good for damage. When you obtain enough P items for spirit power the shot level will go up, making the shot stronger. I recommend using spread shot to collect P items. Then, try using focus shots after the shot level goes up.
4. Limit break a story card to its max level to enhance its passive.
5. Attacking an opponent's weakness will break a layer of their barrier. If you completely break an opponent's barrier, they'll be easier to fight.

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