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Touken Ranbu Game story

Excuse my haste, but we have received a report that the enemy has made their move. Let us Sortie from the Menu and begin a plan to subdue them. From here, you can go out to the battleground. Select the Sortie button and proceed to the Battlefield Select Screen. Let the teams depart for survey missions. Battle against other players. This is the screen where you select a battlefield. By proceeding through a battlefield and defeating the enemy leader, a new becomes available. Now let's select out first battlefield and sortie. You have successfully sortied. Here we have the Battleground Screen. The Battleground is divided into Location which you will proceed through automatically. Depending on the location, you will have battles with an enemy team, or you can obtain Resources. Now let's begin our move forward.

Touken Ranbu Hack Basics trucos

We have engaged with enemy team. What you have done is Recon, and doing so reveals the enemy formation that helps you decide on which formation is most beneficial for you. Choose your formation and begin the battle. In battles, attacks will come in order of who has the widest range of mobility. If no team has been defeated, the side taht has inflicted most amount of damage will be winner. You can now use Shinken Hissatsu! To be able to activate it during your first battle is quite impressive! Once activated, your power will greatly increase until the end of the battle. It's likely that Shinken Hissatsy will be activated when you receive damage. In one Touken uses Shinken Hissatsu, others can also continue the attack. Loosing a battle will force you to retreat. Let us return to the Honmaru and heal the injured Touken Danshi.

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Heal the injured Touken Danshi by Repair. Let's try repairing your Touken Danshi right away. Let's have a look at the Repair screen. To perform repairs, it takes both time and resources. 2 Touken can be repaired at once, but you can expand this to a maximum of 4 later on. Make sure that not too many Touken Danshi get injured at once, or there won't be room to repair them all. Resources has been used to start the repair. Normally, we'd have to wait for the remaining time to be used up. But if we use Help Token, the repair can be completed without having to wait. You're going to need a stronger team to have success on the battlefield.

Let's go to Forge and create a new Touken. Resources and Request Token will be used during the Forge, and Touken Danshi will be made after some time has passed. Depending on the Resources used, the Touken Danshi that can be made will differ, so try experimenting with various combinations. Also, the number of Touken Danshi that could be forged at once are 2, and would beup to a maximum of 4. Be careful when making multiple Touken Danshi, as rooms for Forging are limited. Here is where you can select Resources you'd like to use. You can tap, flick, or swipe on the number of Resource or on the up/down arrows to determine the amount to use. For now, let's go with what we have. Looks like you have begun forging Touken Danshi. Normally, we'd have to wait for the remaining time to be used up. If we use Help Token, the forging can be completed without having to wait! For this special occasion, I have prepared a Help Token for you to use. Your Touken Danshi has been completed.

Touken Ranbu Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Now let's continue on by making troops to eauip your Touken Danshi. Troops can be made in "Troops", so let's move to the Troops Screen. This is the Troops Screen. It looks similar to the Formation Screen, so be careful. Unlike Forge, you only need Resources to make Troops. The type of Troops you can make varies by the amount of Resources you use. Looks like your Troops has been completed. When it comes to making Troops, everything is done instantly as there is no waiting time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Touken Ranbu cheat code - give: increase slots, speed up, repair, help token, forge, resource, request token, charcoal, steel, coolant, whetstone, fuji troops, firework balls, koban
3. Next, let's assign the Touken Danshi and Troops you have made into Team. You can change your teams on the Formation Screen. Here we have the Formation Screen. First, let's take Touken Danshi you have just made to place them into a Team. This now completes the Team placement of your Touken Danshi. Next, let's equip the selected Touken with Troops. We have now completed the placement of your Team. I have explained all there is to it.
4. If you don't understand how to maneuver or play the game, you can always check the News located in the game menu at any time. Important updates will also be added there, so make sure to check frequently. If you ever feel lost at what do to next, check on Mission from the menu. Information regarding battles, formations, and so on can be located here.
5. For now, let's aim towards completing your missions. Once they are completed, you will be rewarded with Resources or other useful items.
6. A function for saving formations has been unlocked. Tapping the Save Team button will show you a list of saved teams. From the list of teams, you can save teams or apply them to the Formation screen. Tapping the Save button will let you save the selected team. You can save up to 4 teams, which can be overwritten at any time. Tapping the Apply button will let you apply the saved formation to the current team. When you overwrite a formation, the Confirm screen will appear. The Confirm screen will show the saved team on the left, and the current team on the right. Make sure to double check before you comfirm to overwrite. If the saved team includes unavailable Touken Danshi, such as those on an Survey they might not be applied. Any Touken Danshi who cannot be applied will be dimmed and will not be included. Let's go ahead and apply this team.

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