Cheats hack Tower Heroes code:summon x10, gems, gold, legendary items, skill token, evo essence, unlimited energy Tower Heroes Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Tower Heroes hack cheat code List

summon x10 - use OCD9W2WXR
off ads - uSbFgyAQ7
secret combination - uxpb60NqB
gems - 6vGfy01yk
double rewards - YkGauZwRc
gold - 54BqUKUgu
legendary items - HQREPyhzG
skill token - NrVCbvjNH
starter package - pITlVZ85H
admin panel - VcjqBu6fz
evo essence - tXvlgxzGX
unlimited energy - use h9HRwxcKg
game speed x10 - Z2JHQehwN
daily upgrade packs - Yf7Bei1GN
scroll pack - hbCyOKUq5

Tower Heroes use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Commander, the Fallen are attacking! The enemy will damage our gate if he reaches it. Drag Edwin to defend our kingdom from the enemy attack. Drag to the left to set Edwin's direction. Commander, your heroes will automatically attack enemies. You don't need to tap or swipe for basic attacks. You can watch the battle. Your ability bar is full, tap hero to use special ability. You did it. The enemies are defeated. You must prepare for their next attack. Melee heroes can't attack flying enemies. Use a ranged DPS hero to defend against flying enemies. You are ready to lead our bravest heroes into the next battle.

Tower Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Protect the gate using your new heroes. Lead your heroes into battle. Place your heroes wisely. Characters can't be moved. Units gain treasure while on patrol, even when you are offline! The treasure gets better as you progress further in the campaign. Come back often to collect your loot. Patrols stop generating rewards when your treasure box is full. I will notify you so you don't miss out. Your heroes found a summoning scroll! Let's use it now.

enter cheat (Tower Heroes gift codes):
upgrade trucos - iKuDLOzdZ
level up - 7LAT7pX0X
daily pack - enter pass aJ8xAZy8W
admin account - 3zVatNWrr
Month Card x1 - 0cfEyzKGF
booster pack - b04IHKkZJ
evolve - AZd5ybhG8
enhance - Jg3NPP2XW
Characters: Kanos - a basic ranged hero who ignored enemy armor. Edwin - a basic foot soldier. Blocks 2 enemies. Cyrion - basic heal also heals up to 2 additional heroes adjacent to the primary target. Brunor - a mighty defender, capable of holding his own against many foes.

Tower Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The enemy is attacking from both sides! use a healer to heal your melee heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: summon x10, gems, gold, legendary items, skill token, evo essence, unlimited energy, game speed x10, daily upgrade pack, scroll pack
3. Sign in for 7 days in a row to get the powerful 5 stars Roland! Your progress will be reset if you do not login the next day. Previous rewards cannot be claimed again. Complete quests every day to earn special rewards.
4. Battle your way through a realistic 3D tower defense RPG adventure. Build a team of powerful heroes in your quest to defend your kingdom from the attacking horde!

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10. W9ZhkeLeKXX7hKo
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