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Towerwall Game hack cheat code List

gold - use QBLC35fXo
points - f0d4qsX9T
secret combination - au0ZWuV98
free spin - KbTqmf0NO
double rewards - n1qn1zixE
speed up - b8vzCJt18
off ad - y8XqQ2RnA
crystals - eo4SmHvRo
artifact - lRU7dZ8ZR
admin panel - TFSByy8FA
repair - VIn5DtIWG
research - use TNBPdz007
shield - YpqoYyIen
unlock characters - use IZP38Lduk

Towerwall Game use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Greetings, new commandant. The sentinels noticed that enemies were approaching our castle. We must repel the attack. Click on the barracks to order the warriors. Let's choose a warrior. Choose the tower to which you want to send a warrior. The enemies are strong! Let's order another unit. Oh no! He ran out of arrows. You need to bring them to him before the enemies destroy the castle. Unit deals most damage when its timer is green! If the red timer runs out, the unit will leave the tower. Let's order arrows at the arsenal. Arrows are ready! Now let's take them to the archer. Ok, now let's take them to the archer as soon as possible.

Towerwall Game Hack Basics trucos

It seems that the enemies are coming again! Let's protect the castle. Wow, throwers are now available to you! Let's check what they are capable of. He's running out of knives! Let's get them to him soon! Oh no, how could i forget? Different units use different types of projectiles. Throwers need knives! Click on the cross to cancel the action. Now bring the supplies he needs. Let's pick them up and take them to the thrower.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 1VRVyv3JG
level up - 3RcQasbEO
daily pack - enter pass aOOeNFjHE
admin account - 3ZCVVAL7m
Month Card x1 - lxPgeMOly
booster pack - A0xnj5kLs
evolve - 5INQcLtm0
enhance - iMdVJx8Mw
It see,s that we have saved up enough money! it's time to strengthen our units. Our warrior is wounded - let's heal him quickly. If we do not make it before the end of the red timer, he will die. We need a first aid kit to heal a warrior. Let's get it from the infirmary! Let's quickly heal our warrior. In the townhall, you can improve our buildings and commandant skills. You can collect gold from defeated enemies. This will improve our soldiers and the castle.

Towerwall Game Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The workers have finished restoring the castle. Now 4 towers are available to you. Use every opportunity and repel the attack.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: points, free spin, gold, speed up, off ad, crystals, artifact, repair, research, shield, unlock characters
3. Artifact - these are the items that you have in your hands. You can get rid of unnecessary items by simply clicking on them.
4. You have the opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune! Here you can get a wide variety of bonuses, including the rarest artifacts of this world. After completing every 5 levels, you get roulette spin.
5. Collect points in battle and research new skills and improvements.

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