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Town Blast hack cheat code List

unlimited moves - use hack wzHna5QkB
daily pack - enter pass 1fORbjVKE
gold - 0xPGvxAeZ
gems - YAib36Jc9
booster pack - gdL4NidPt
premium decoration - TJaEdort8
Month Card x1 - Fcfh8dH3x
unlock territories - 7SmosgYAW
daily gift bag x10 - VmQYgY4gt
secret combination code - SzlRzMhkX
diamonds - uxCbJb5Py
gold - oWpXMbGEz
restore health - cgCJAgt8I
upgrade - YyRLcrAoY
level up - qmz63KjQ8
vip status - hSyk8dIsX
premium skin - 8guyPHwda

Town Blast use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I'm so happy to see you in Fruitsville again! I hope you remember me. I am Cheat-on, the mayor. I know you want to revive your childhood memories and visit the street where you used to live. But let's chirp about one thing first. How about we visit the cafe? What if we repair it? If we join our forces, we will make it in split second. We need to earn some coins to spend on a new furniture. Let's play a level. Tap 2 or more cubes of the same color to collect them. Collect the remaining cubes to complete the level. We better replace tables before sitting down! Tap the icon to do it.

Town Blast Hack Basics

You can always change an object by entering the edit mode. To exit the Edit mode, simply tap the hammer icon again. Remove rainbow ice cream by collecting cubes near it. 5 cubes merge into a firecracker. Tap to activate it. It always helps you. 8-9 blocks merge into a bomb! Tap to activate it - clear the cubes around. Disco ball collects all the blocks of its color. Restore the town, renovate location, choose the style. Blast and match cubes, use boosters and bonuses.

Hint & Tips

1. Try yourself as a city Mayor and flip old shabby areas into masterpieces of modern architecture design! Decorate your dream town in your personal style.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, unlimited moves, premium decoration, unlock territories, gems, leve up, booster pack, upgrade
3. Create your own decorations for each location! Express your designer individuality in thousands of design elements!

Town Blast Hack tools Version:


Town Blast Redeem code - premium gift box

1. k5WJNXWVRJUnlrd
2. yG6lowJqIMB0nUO
3. oLJv3wQhHt2Ahx9
4. Ci0t31UtcpTtGt2
5. 38J8Ijc09JgM4p3
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