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Treasure Spawn Adventure use cheats
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Game story

Monsters are wreaking havoc just outside of the town. But you don't look very strong. You said you have coins? That works too. There are mercenaries that don't mind doing work for some money. Let's see what we've got. They're usually in the tavern when there's nothing else to do. These two have been here for a while, why not just pick one? Better than no one, right? Uriel (arbiter) - arbiters come from the western continent. Righteous and determined, they believe in the power of the holy light. Equipped with plate armor and silver blades, they purify evil with fire. Ella (assassin) - no one know where these mysterious assassin are from. They're always lurking in the dark and looking for opportunities for a quick and lethal strike with their poisoned blades. He lost all of his gear when he ran away last time. As the owner, surely you wouldn't want him to face the monsters?

Treasure Spawn Adventure Hack Basics

Open the treasure chest to get gear. The better the chest, the better the gear. Now return to the tavern and equip this on your mercenary. Before equipping gear, check its stats. Mercenaries will only get stronger when they equip the right gear. Now, go on adventure and defeat the invading monsters. Adventures are easier if you choose the right heroes. Send them on their way, and wait for your bonus coins! They will retreat when they run into danger. Units will go into battle automatically while on adventures. Please equip your soldiers in as many slots as possible. Prices and slots are labeled on the chests. Free chests have a high chance of dropping legendary gear. Use speed ups to open them sooner. Each speed up reduces 2 hours from the timer.

Hint & Tips

1.Complete all chapter achievements to claim a bonus legendary gear. Each refresh makes the chests free to open.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give:legendary gear, speed up, chests, slots, off ad, exclusive hero, evolve, auto clicker, talents, gold, gems, diamonds
3. Your hero has leveled up and earned talent points. "+" - put a point here to increase stats. Go on more adventures to earn more talent points.

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