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shiny ore - use CbCkeXNho
legendary companion - qf0LGesMB
secret combination - fyXotXxVb
summon x10 - 1TKW84MwY
double rewards - BVo8fIwp3
auto clicker - evfi6TIiu
game speed x10 - WM4lKeGSW
shards - c13931Dte
enhance - JOKaycQM6
admin panel - 0wxtUleka
rune - 46czQ7Lhv
artifact - use bVOfvq4d5
materials - TIIngcFBz
premium content - F7UqT5nFL
treasure chest - S5AIihYlz
skins - 79O4FBiXL

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Once upon a time. mankind had reached the peak of prosperity. Their houses were so tall they could touch the sky. Such insolence incurred the wrath of Gods. Having no other choice, humans rode on giant metal arrows to the sky beyond, or at least, that was the plan. The dwindling population of human marked the start of Mother Earth's new era. And then one day, someone dug up a thing from the long past. Class: warrior - strong fighter with the ability to obliterate current opponent, can regenerate lost health overtime. Archer - fast and deadly damage dealer with critical hits, target all enemies with active skill. Fragile backline caster, having shorter cooldown on active skill and can deal damage to an area.

Tribalpunk Hack Basics trucos

We are practicing battle, wanna join? Battle - touch this button to start fighting. next rival will be tough, we will help you. I will show you how to add your companions. Tap icon and follow my steps. "+" - select the first slot. Select your first companion. You got it. Now back to the main screen. You are ready for a powerful move, tap on your avatar. We won, but you can grow stronger. While we are fighting, we have collected a lot of loots here. Tap idle chest and you will see.

enter cheat (Tribalpunk gift codes):
upgrade trucos - IYmD6ZcdH
level up - NCyyKSsMa
daily pack - enter pass bO26GWCFG
admin account - L04l1pc4p
Month Card x1 - dvN5YY6V9
booster pack - efzRZ10bL
evolve - 5QDR2WLVf
enhance - OZvGFdSKT
Characters: Shotya - everyone's favourite girl of the village. She's bright and lovely - when she's not pissed off. A natural beauty with no makeup needed. Her archery skill is also the best in the village. In other words, she is the only one who use a bow in her village. Bonk - the village idiot. You know the type - big, strong, and slow-witted. Oh, and they eat a lot too. However, hidden inside that big body is a sensitive heart that react to every negative things with a strong bash from his club. Mocking him at your own risk.

Tribalpunk Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Immortal companions can be considered as any faction when counting formation bonus. Abyssal companions will not activate any other faction bonuses but will give all allies the following effects based on the amount of abyssal companions currently in the formation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shiny ore, legendary companion, summon x10, auto clicker, game speed x10, shards, enhance, materials, rune, artifact, treasure chest
3. Not much, but the longer we AFK, the more loot we get. Tap this button to collect rewards. Tap level up button, you will gain more strength, but it will cost some.
4. Companion's level cannot surpass main character's level. You can summon more followers to join the adventure.

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