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Trojan War 2 Game story

Drag and drop allies into any line to attack. The mana used to summon troops is constantly increasing, but it needs to be calculated properly. The spellbook contains the power of the gods, try it. The mana need to use god's skills will be restored when a unit is defeated. Battle Pass will tier up when upgrading gods, allies, or spellbooks. The more upgrades, the greater the power. Click on the ally to view information and upgrade power.

Trojan War 2 Hack Basics trucos

Philoctetes (Attacker: Attack 20; Range 3.3; Health 80; Speed 0.5; Area damage No) - Greek hero, a famoun archer. He was once abandoned by the Greeks on the island of Lemnos, but when they received a prophecy from Prince Helenos of Troy that the city would not fall without Philoctetes' help, they asked Athena for help, reconciled by easing his anger and restoring his strong.
Arrows (Magic Book: Attack 100; Range 1.55) - The rain of Appolo's desease-carrying arrows shot at the Greeks as punishment for thier insult. Instantly deals 100 damage to all enemies within 1.55 range.
Phoenix (Attacker: Attack 138; Range 3.7; Health 355; Speed 0.38; Area damage Yes) - King of Dolopians, and tutor of the young Achilles, whom he accompanied to the Trojan War. After Achilles had in anger withdrawn from the war, Phoenix tried to persuade Achilles to return.
Patroclus (Tanker Attack 564; Range 1.5; Health 81; Speed 0.3; Area damage Yes) - Achilles' close friend, disguised himself as Achilles to fight and die in battle. His death prompts Achilles to return to the battle even though he was about to give up earlier.

enter Trojan War 2 gift pass:
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Artemis (Attacker: Attack 172; Range 4.2; Health 472; Speed 0.38; Area damage No) - Goddess of the hunt, sister to Athena, and along with the god of war Ares, Artemis sided with Troy in the war against Greeks. Artemis grants 3.5 range to ranged allies on the battlefield.
Charydbis (Tanker: Attack 22; Range 2.5; Health 43; Speed 0.43; Area damage No) - The giant sea monster - also the son of the sea god Poseidon. On their way back home after the Trojan War, Odysseus' army had to face it. The monster gains 601 damage and 2144 HP every minute.
Spartan Warrior - The most feared military force in the Greek world, Spartan warriors would never lay down their weapons for any reason.
Ithaca Warrior - The warriors went with Odysseus, ruler of Ithacan, to Troy. Faced with trials and tribulations during the ten-year journey.
Mycenae Warrior - The warriors were led by Agamemnon, who was not omly the king of Mycenae but also of all the Greeks during the Trojan War. Mycenae is also the city founded by the hero Perseus.

Trojan War 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Winning battles will receive cups, which help you level up and unlock new allies.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Trojan War 2 cheat code - give: piggy, gems, legendary card, God, off ads, free store, speed up, battle pass, premium, gold coins, mythical chest
3. God's progress will increase when you use that god in battle and victory.
4. Defeat? Use other tactics and upgrade allies to become stronger.

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