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Tropico Game story

Welcome, Presidente! Further reading material for you to boost your rise power. Start your Leadership 101 course to become the best ruler in all of Tropico! We have set this goal: to win the election. Your swift rise to power is an inspiration to us all. I am your most humble and loyal advisor Penultimo. Although your wisdom knows no bounds, let me provide a few starting pointers on ruling our magnificent nation. Tap the "X" button in the lower right corner to continue. A good ruler knows what goes on in every corner of his country. Let us take a better look at our island. Try panning the view by dragging your finger across the screen.

Sometimes you will want to take a closer look at the little people on the streets and their daily lives. Try zooming in by spreading your finger and thumb apart. With such skills, you will turn Tropico into a superpower one day. But let us not get ahead of ourselves - zoom out a bit. Using your finger and thumb, pinch to zoom out. The world becomes bigger or smaller according to your whims, Presidente. Now why don't you give it a spin by rotating the camera? Using your finger and thumb, perform a circular motion to rotate the camera. You can also tilt the camera. Why don't you try this now? Drug up or down with two fingers to tilt the camera.

Tropico Hack Basics trucos

According to our Intellectuals, and some guy named Albert, time is relative to the whims of whomever is in power. Accelerate time to the fastest speed using the highlighted button. Look how fast those Tropicans go, Presidente! Let us slow down a bit, so we can work in peace. Snap your fingers and time will stop. Remember, you can still issue orders while the game is paused. Pause the game by tapping the highlighted button. Do you know what the most precious resource of Tropico is? Why it's the people, of course. And you need to know what goes on in their heads to make the best use of them. Select a citizen by tapping on them. It will be easier to find a citizen if you zoom the camera in. The quarters of Tropico's beloved leader - you! Take good care of it, Presidente, because if it is ever destroyed by rebels or traitors, your reign of power will be over.

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The bars in the "Overcall" tab represent what a citizen needs at the moment. They will constantly diminish over time and when they get too low, the citizen will satisfy them somehow. For example, if the citizen needs to satisfy his health need, he will look for a clinic or a hospital, or resort to folk medicine cures if there is no professional healthcare available. In any case, the need bar will be refilled. Un-pause the game and you will see how the needs of the citizen change. Presidente, what can be more important that the happiness of your people? Your happiness, of course! But the happiness of the people is important as well. You can see how happy they are by selecting the happiness tab. Open the happiness tab. You may have to select a citizen again to do so. Here you can see how pleased this person is by the different factors in his life - his job, his house, the healthcare he receives, and so on. Each of these has different importance to any particular citizen and contributes to his overall happiness. As you can see Food Quality is the one of factors that determine the happiness of your people. When you are ready to close the panel, tap the "X" in the lower right corner.

Tropico Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Peluntimo forgot to show you one key thing about citizen records (which doesn't surprise me) - the Help button. Select a citizen again, and I'll show you. You have for too much going on in that enormous presidential brain of yours to remember what all these bars mean. Tap the Help button - the "/" in the top-right corner of the screen - and the citizen panel will expand to reveal additional explanations for certain features. Try it now. Additional help is available whenever the Help button turns green. Peluntimo was ready to show you how to keep your citizens happy by improving food quality. I'll be back if he forgets anything important again (which I have no doubt he will).
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Tropico cheat code - give: citizens, food, happiness, job, safety, environment, respect, overall, housing, religion, entertainment, healthcare, money, increases all construction costs
3. When people are hungry, they go to the food producing farms to get food for their families. Alternatively, they can get it from the marketplace, which distributes food from the farms. A person can get several meals in advance for his whole family. Select the farm indicated with an arrow by tapping on it.
4. Your farmers can grow a variety of crops for food and export. Various conditions such as elevation, humidity, and soil determine what crops can grow in the area around the farm. Next harvest expected in 5 months.
5. It is very important to have your farms produce enough food for the masses. Right now they are all producing tobacco that the people cannot eat. Open the Management tab and change the work mode to "Papaya".
6. In order to attract more workers, you should increase the wages. You can do that from the Fees and Salaries tab. Open the "Fees and Salaries" tab and increase the wages using the slider or the right arrow in the panel, and wait a while until the farm is fully staffed.
7. If you want to stop fired workers from instantly reapplying for their old jobs, you can reserve the employee slot. To do this, in the same panel where you gave Pedro his marching orders, tap on the empty employee slot and select "Reserve Slot". That way, Pedro will be forced to find something he is better suited to. Like vaccinating llamas.
8. You can check different statistics related to the current situation on the island in the Almanac. It is good to check on it often. Browse the Almanac as long as you wish. When you are ready to close it, tap the "X" in the lower right corner.
9. Edicts are different presidential orders that can change the life of ordinary Tropicans dramatically. Take your time to look at all the possibilities. When you are ready, issue the Building Permit edict that is located in the Economy tab. Tap an edict to see a description of its effects, then tap the "Activate" option.
10. Increases all construction cost by 20%. 10% of the money spent on construction will go to the Swiss bank account. Lowers standing with the Intellectuals. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, wink, know what I mean? A "special" building permit will increase construction prices by 20%, but 10% of the money will go directly to your Swiss bank account. The Intellectuals certainly know what you mean, and their respect will decrease until you cancel the edict.

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