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Game story

Hello! They sent you to run this TV station? No kidding? You don't look like you;ve got what it takes. But don't worry, you'll get your chance to prove my wrong. Come on, i'll show you how things work around here. Our goal is to get the highest possible audience share. We need more viewers. Because more viewers means more money. To achieve this, we need some shows. Right now we only have one set to shoot a newscast. later on we'll be able to make different kinds of shows. What you see here is the program management menu. Here we can upgrade the facilities and hire the people we need. So, let's hire a new anchor. Unlock a new anchors spot and hire one. Find the best possible presenter, your revenue depends on it.

TV Empire Tycoon Hack Basics

Presenters - here we can hire and reassign the presenters. We haven't hired anyone yet, so let's do that now. Each presenter you hire provides a different bonus - choose who you assign to each position carefully. Now we need a camera operator. Look, income - here you can see how much money the show generates. Let's install a new spotlight. The show's value has increased. Now we'll make more money each time it is broadcast. The set is now ready for shooting. The more we improve the set, the more money we'll make. Upgrade it whenever you can! The cast has to go through reception. We must expand the reception area when we hire more cast members, otherwise they wan't get to the shoot on time.

Hint & Tips

1. I almost forgot! The presenters need to put on makeup first. Quick! Let's hire a makeup artist. Just one makeup artist will do for now, but soon you'll have to hire more or the presenters will arrive late on set.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: money, gems, auto clicker, speed up, energy, prime time, 24H offline profits, immediate advantages without ads, stars, gold antenna, communications technician
3. Each programm has a broadcasting schedule. You can see the schedule by pressing the share indicator. Each time it is broadcast it generates money according to the upgrades made. Upgrade your programs to make more money. It's as simple as that.
4. The station also earns money every hour thanks to our advertising contracts. Stats - here we can see what we make from advertising and from the shows. All will be fine as long as this figure is positive.
5. TV shows - here you can see the program shoot results. You'll see of anything went wrong, so you can fix it for the next shoots.
6. Another thing before i forget! We can improve our advertising contracts by meeting the advertisers' requirements.

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