Cheats hack Twilight Hero code:rare draw, awaken, promotion, mystery pack, tokens, avatar, crystals, materials, gold Twilight Hero Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Twilight Hero hack cheat code List

rare draw - use hack TWTfcwzqi
daily pack - enter pass xpSrWODO8
friendship points - VQBXZx5Yn
5 stars hero - 5mgag518S
booster pack - lDAGJHbcu
shards - U0mrGvFp0
Month Card x1 - kVZR1m9GC
aura - rdhiLMl91
daily gift bag x10 - r20XfKGGz
awaken - pfq99eHjp
promotion - eZWyIa5pK
mystery pack - 8Fmm8yRku
upgrade - eTeA7xPbs
level up - G2UpQ8DP5
lucky pack - lh0CUprsn
love tokens - use hack wcYQwAjrI
avatar frame - enter pass n5rwL70Ip
crystals - k0V3Uo4bk
materials - 3GTtvb2bk
gold - SdIWg3ncH

Twilight Hero use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

In my world the sun never shines. The mountain consumed it all, and turned us against each other. We can't change the world, but we can start to change it. Welcome to the world of twilight heroes, where there are four camps: humans, werewolves, monsters and vampires. You need to lead the member of the four camps to find the truth of mount mang! In the Ownerless land, the Hopeless city used to be the biggest city in the world. Now it's but ruins. Yet life sustains as people have got used to houses with broken walls.

Twilight Hero Hack Basics

Draw more heroes to start the adventure smoothly. Start adventure - you can get rich rewards for adventure. WIth the progress of the plot, you can unlock more playing methods. Tap to open the shard bag. In the shard bag, you can summon the hero shard into heroes. If there are more heroes, you can match a richer lineup. Tap gold chest to get the idle reward. THe game will generate idle rewards no matter whether you are online or not. Come back to check often. Bountiful rewards are waiting for you.

Hint & Tips

1. Lucky dart - during the event, throw lucky dart for certain times to get rich rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: rare draw, friendship points, 5 stars hero, shards, aura, awaken, gears, promotion, mystery pack, lucky pack, love tokens, avatar frame, crystals, materials, gold
3. Tap to get the sign-in reward. The first thing you do daily is sign in! There are free rewards for you everyday.
4. Dismissing heroes returns massive dismissal crystals and all materials cost. Dismissed heroes will disappear.

Twilight Hero Hack tools Version:


Twilight Hero Redeem code - premium gift box

1. UpZ2E1kPtZ9vDYK
2. uWWYzoo0hCu5nDx
3. xWObCTBF1Rd7cVz
4. dPU18px5xiZY3W4
5. zPCKYs10g2NNQKB
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