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energy - use TbAxtypmS
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Twisted Turrets hack starter package - WitrsKXNA
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time vault - xs4Hvic1E
starter pack - Xp0ph6cWX
stars - enter 3D5P9t28I
gem chest - 0WHPE3BGl
crystal golem - enter lgbSEfyaW
premium land - enter 0JNnII5Rb

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Twisted Turrets Game story

You've been summoned, Fascinating! When I tried to summon a great warlock to help us, I did not expect them to be like you. For some reason, I actually have a good feeling about you. Welcome to Ravenwick! Now here's our predicament...A few moons ago, a spell backfired, causing mana ti leak into the nearby forest and infect all the creatures. Now these corrupted creatures are attacking our land, in search of even more mana. We must stop them before they get too powerful and completely destroy us! Double tap the Information Stone to learn how you can help protect Ravenwick. Merge the Magical Planks - Drag 3 Magical Planks next to each other to magically merge them. Moving any 3 of a kind next to eadh other activates a spell that bonds the items into something better.

Twisted Turrets Hack Basics trucos

Defend the Mana - Stop the Croackers from reaching the mana well and getting stronger! Information Stone - Tap the icon to the right to learn about this level. Merge 3 to build a Spell Cannon. The engraved siglis glow. Let's hope these towers can fight off the Croackers. Press the start button in the upper riht corner to start the attack. Learn how to summon others to help you defend Ravenwick. Stop the Croackers from reaching the Mana Source and getting stronger! Tomes contains more than spells and potion recipes. Merging them together summons a Villager. Double tap the trees. This tells Villager to farm them for useful resources.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - SKXpSRepF
level up code - N7yqWbwvd
daily pack Twisted Turrets cheat - enter pass ebzVb0oiD
admin account - IIATzTH52
Month Card x1 - Fb8qJdz22
booster pack - WV2SYdXVw
evolve - O5sBhkp6h
enhance - aulIVacQn
Croacker Tent - Spawns 1 Croacker with 3 HP. The home of a lonely Croacker. Basic Spell Cannon - Shoots a single enemy. 2 (1+1) damage per shot. 0.8 shots per second. Tower Placement - Learn how to strategically place your towers to protect the mana. Let's hope your strategic skills are even better. Even the towers in Ravenwick are magical and can easily move to different locations. Place towers next to paths so they can shoot those nasty Croackers. Normal Spell Cannon - Shoots a single enemy. 2 damage per shot. 0.9 shots per second. Learn how to restore land that's been corrupted by the mana mists. When the spell backfired, some land got corrupted too. Items on corrupted land are stuck in a curse, unable to move. Help heal the corrupted land by merging items.

Twisted Turrets Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ash Seed - Merge 3 together to make a tree or let grow over time. Life energy of a plant all held in a tiny seed.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Twisted Turrets cheat code - give: energy, extra tiles, magic power, auto merge, villagers, elixir, gold, time vault, stars, gem chest, crystal golem, premium land, speed up, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. We need to push the mist back even more. We'll have to try starting a Ritual at the fountain to get more help and earn resources to build our defenses.
4. Use Elixir - It usually takes time to prep for Rituals, but you can collect and use this Ritual elixir to skip the wait and begin the Ritual sooner. But beware! The corrupted creatures nearby will try to stop Rituals from completing. Hopefully the Ritual gives us just what we need to summon another villager.
5. Your villagers don't have enough combined power to push back the fog. You have 1 total power, but you need 2. You can merge villagers to gain more power, or your can buy resources in the shop.
6. Blackthorn Hollows is going to be your permanent base. It's up to you to clean this place up and prepare defenses for the next Ritual.
7. Villagers eventually run out of Energy and get tired. They rest here, one at a time, and have full Energy restored 20 minutes. Don't forget to buy more houses from the shop.
8. The bad news is it looks like each Ritual causes more creatures to become corrupted. We need to go check the Campaign Map to search for more defenses for our base.
9. You can even replay levels to earn more stars and get extra rewards.

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Twisted Turrets Redeem code - premium gift box 02.09.2021

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