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Tycoon City Call Me Boss hack cheat code List

vip status - use 3H0SGs3Vz
off ads - yIYNXI0t0
secret combination - Daa1pgLCO
enhance book - qzvRRreEv
double rewards - UPcFTMK1p
goods - EoPPYauzN
money - euPAFxnax
diamonds - KSztprjUo
starter package - AThs8VYJ7
admin panel - DeBK3e8NK
promote - LKJKdGrSl
exclusive privilege - use t7IQuVlCA
giftpack - 4R0pNVVgL
rank up - 7LEFqQG43
legendary employee - tzuA268cQ

Tycoon City Call Me Boss use cheats
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Game story

I was once an excellent investor, but was betrayed and lost everything. I was betrayed by both my brother and the one i loved the most. They've stolen everything from me, and pushed me down to the bottom. Both betrayed and humiliated, i swear i'll get back what was mine, even if it means to make a deal with the devil. To enact my revenge, i decide to become part of the imperial business league. This is my only chance to get back on my feet. Welcome to your leadership training program, as long as you got talent, you'll receive all the helo within our capability to become the top businessman.

Tycoon City Call Me Boss Hack Basics trucos

The ability to advert crisis for the organization, the president is needed incredible. Now we'll be able to expand our market even further. With the addition of 4 capable employees, nothing can stop you, you are about to mark you name on this area. You are able to train the employees, producing, and sales. EXP obtained for each operation. Good production for each operation. You are a capable boss, but our business profit is lacking, tap employee, and then upgrade those employees.

enter cheat (Tycoon City Call Me Boss gift codes):
upgrade trucos - i6yndf5B5
level up - LpWPfwBNk
daily pack - enter pass 3lnaFaQK3
admin account - jrlMnoZjO
Month Card x1 - pNpxVBQRd
booster pack - j0buXPnvO
evolve - lshGKEWLR
enhance - 0CNzRoGBU
Employee's stats directly affects their strength, their stats can be improved via upgrades and increased potential. The core of the president's strength is through their employees' stats. Upgrade your employees now to further improve your potential. The employee's potential came from their corresponding PR, admin, technical and marketing, four types of books. Upgrade these books to increase the corresponding employee's salary. To increase their salary don't forget to upgrade their books.

Tycoon City Call Me Boss Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. PR, admin, technical and marketing, four types of books mainly comes from their corresponding enhance books. The star level of the president's book affects its upgrade success chance and yields. Choose wisely according to your cultivate direction.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Tycoon City Call Me Boss cheat code - give: vip status, enhance book, goods, money, diamonds, promote, exclusive privilege, money, giftpack, rank up, legendary employee
3. PR - affecting the CP of employees. Admin - affecting the training EXP of employees. Technician - affecting the no. of goods obtained by production. Marketing - affecting the no. of money obtained by sales.

Tycoon City Call Me Boss Hack tools Version:


Tycoon City Call Me Boss Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

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10. l8bhFAZdRdMaHPo
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