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Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 hack cheat code List

materials - use hack 2W773pwtm
daily pack - enter pass KZsXFuO4t
premium horses - WuGLk58qn
stat bonusess - ssIa1uw5L
booster pack - dTML7xsAQ
restore health - M4e3TFljh
Month Card x1 - 8VluX1agH
upgrade - uqWqHVdIE
daily gift bag x10 - pmCAjxmGs
secret combination code - 8dq9pZDjE
unique skills - tI8YDHweu
food - q4PR28GaU
unlimited energy - N4neBdWkd
weekly box - sZlWAHF1w
credits - mPefJIDiZ

Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Use the joystick or swipe the screen to move your animal. Tap your horse's icon to see your stats, customize, and upgrade your animal. Use the button below to run, jumo, attack, and vocalize. Tap on the minimap to display the full size world map. Tap the gear icon for audio and visual settings. These options can help with performance. Health is now indicated by the ring around your horse icon. Keep an eye on it. Energy levels and experience will show bottom when they change.

Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 Hack Basics

Moving slower will quiet your footsteps and alarm wild predators less. Defeating birds collects feathers used for building. Collecting rocks grants you stone used for building. Defeating an animal collects a fur pelt used for building. Collecting sticks grants you wood used for building. After a fight the bosses need time to recharge their energies.

Hint & Tips

1. Gain experience and level up your horse to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized horse abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: materials, premium horses, stat bonuses, restore health, unique skills, food, unlimited energy, credits
3. Collect materials to decorate and upgrade your shelter and make life for your horses even better! Building food troughs and unique bedding can provide your herd with guaranteed tasty snacks in the mornings!

Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 Hack tools Version:


Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 Redeem code - premium gift box

1. sbQi56q088KyCLP
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5. bZxBMPswKfbc8MZ
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