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Ultimate War hack cheat code List

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treasure - u3yWe6bZD
daily gift bag x10 - jD7Dilms8
pass - UULbpcFKY
keys - PiMla2odu
soul stones - DuZNZrKMs
upgrade - nQTyDcn9c
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tokens - 2UyHHltKD
tickets - 7CyIY8PJ1
rollx10 - oZA0NuCKT

Ultimate War use cheats
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Game story

In a magical dimension, a world called clockwork existed. In Clockwork, 9 races used to live together. As time passed, the relation between the 9 races grew tense. Until an incident took place. You may enter the temple, i am one of the guards here. I will keep your guards company. It seems that the rumour is true. There is a rumour going around that the human kingdom is growing weak. Look at you, you are a messenger's guardian yet you are very weak. Look at you, you are a messenger's guardian yet you are very weak. The meeting your messenger has will last for a while. Meanwhile, i can train you to become stronger.

Ultimate War Hack Basics

You can start by creating your team: paladin - focuses on both attacking and healing himself dominates any level fight. Sorcerer - keeps getting stronger during battle until she becomes unbeatable. Samurai - cuts her enemies with insane speeds. Fighter recharges her super faster than any other. Click on lineup to adjust your team. Your power increases by increasing your allies power. Your team consists of 9 heroes including you, place the selected hero in first place. Battle us enemies to increase your level and get rewards each battle. Battle menu displays your team and enemy team powers. In battle, heroes will fight auto however, to use skills you can click on the unit card. A skill consumes 30% of the skill bar. A match will light for each 30% filled. The enemy gets stronger at every level, upgrade your characters.

Hint & Tips

1. Ranking up your hero as well as leveling it up will increase its stats and power.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shard summon, rank up, jewels, treasure, gems, pass, keys, soul stones, tokens, tickets, rollx10
3. Clock work gods have bestowed you with resources. These resources should be enough for you to build your own team. Spend it wisely.

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Ultimate War Redeem code - premium gift box

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