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Game story

Wake up, there is a trace of a monster ahead! Heads up! I feel the power of Beria! Move with the joystick, enter the next room. It's a monster universe cat monster! Beat it! Release joystick, stand still to fire at enemies. After a barrier there, bypassing the building! Go around obstacles and defeat enemies. Beria os collecting the hearts of the world. Once gather the heart of the world, Beria will destroy the whole world. Stop enemy, fight with us! The light will eventually defeat the darkness. Take a break and adjust your state! Let's smask Beria's conspiracy! You met the Altman female team. Please accept blessings: cureup - you are healed for more HP than before. Recover - partially restore your health points.

Ultrahero vs Monsters Hack Basics

Unfortunately, Beria escaped. However, we won a lot of loot. This is a very powerful piece of equipment. Please choose it and wear. Source of ice - legend has it that the mysterious transforming device that can turn mortals into glants. The Thor light armour - light and durable. Wearing it to dodge enemy attacks.
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daily pack - enter pass y7Q9pemzB
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Month Card x1 - PSO2S16PP
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Dragon ring - contains highly toxic energy, wearing this ring will make your attack with a certain amount of toxicity. Talents can permanently increase your ability. Card (water, dark, fire, light, wind, earth, whole) will greatly enhance the combat role. Super powers: piercing shot - fired bullets can penetrate enemies. Rear arrow - one more bullet fired from the back. Death burst - the monster you defeated will burst. ATK speed - now you can attack faster. Both shells - fire one bullet on each side.

Ultrahero vs Monsters Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Daily tasks - massive gold coins, diamonds don't stop. Get the treasure of ultramans immediately. Challenge super monsters and get mysterious chests.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: free wheel, off ad, epic equipment, materials, increase stats, talen, combine, super galaxy summon, space call, gems, coins, pet, energy, extra life, keys
3. Complete a daily quest to get a chest, three daily quests for an extra cheats.
4. Login reward - you can come to this interface to receive 1 prize at 12:00 noon every day. You can receive an extra prize for every 20 points you consume. There is no upper limit for a single day.

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