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The Unexpected Quest Game story

Hello, wanderer! I've never seen you befor. Please wait a minute. Our mages must determine whether your device is ready for this adventure:
Chapter 1 - In which our string of bad luck, a storm with pouring rain, and our adventure begin.
Chapter 2 - In which the morning greets us with some surprising events in the countryside.
Chapter 3 - In which we're ever cliser to the sun while the air around us grows ever colder.
Chapter 3 - In which we enjoy the mountain air and discover the secrets of an ancient castle.
The first four chapters are just beggining of the story. Coming chapters will be even bigger, more interesting, and more fun! Adventure awaits you in swamps, on mountains, and underground! You'll discover the sad tale of the dragon family, You'll also help Indiana Dwarfs further his scientific research. All that's just the beggining! It was an abnormal storm...We couln't save the ship. We washed up on the shore. Barely alive. "We have to find the others!" "I can't see anything in this blinding storm! Maybe we should wait until morning?" "No time to waste! Light bonfires along the coast and gather the crew! I'll look for a path to civilization..."

The Unexpected Quest Hack Basics trucos

It was an abnormal storm. We had been long journey for several years and were already on the return voyage carrying an abundance of goods when - just as we reached the shores of our homeland - something strange happened. A storm arose from nowhere, admist clear skies, and the ship was dashed against rocks. Our helmsman performed a miracle and landed the ship on rocks close to the shore. A pouring rain, a thick layer fo clouds, and darkness. Around us only forest, cliff and the raging sea. What we were to do? How could we rescue the survivors from our ship's crew? We decided to light bonfires along the coastline to provide warmth for our wounded and allow the others to proceed into the forest to find a path to civilization.

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Search for survivors A path to Civilization. Light bonfires along the coastline to gather your crew. In the lighted areas you can collect resources, remove debris, and proceed onward. Ok, it's time to get to work, but not on an empty stomach! Gather some food from the wreakage of the ship. We now have enough food to remove the Debris and proceed onward. This place is a little dark and scary. Light a bonfire so you can begin work here. Let's hope the fire draws the attention of our lost crew members.

The Unexpected Quest Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. What luck! It's an abandoned Mill. Restore it to start producing food. We'll need to keep up our strength to track down the remaining crew members.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Unexpected Quest cheat code - give: resources, food, wood, workers, gold coins, off ads, speed up, restore hp, shield, craft materials, unlock location, dragon
3. As it turns out, the entrance of the nearest Barracks had collapsed, just when we could have used the help of the local soldiers.
4. Farmer Bryan climbed onto a pile of fruit crates to get away from a zombie. Defeat the zombie so Bryan can get back down.
5. Click on the zombie to order the freed Swordsman to attack
6. Treasure - You need a Lockpick to unlock this. Send a Worker to open this chest and see what's inside.

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