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Union Raid Game story

Let's start with [Open Enrollment] first to recruit more new students. President, the first summon is free! Let's get started now. Slide up to obtain the Student Council files. 5-star Valkyrie guaranteed for every 30 tomes of Advance Summons. Now I feel more at ease. Let's go [fight] now! In order to find out what Red Umbrella Corporation is up to, the new students of the Student Council infiltrated into the base. A great scheme is about to be revealed. There are robots guarding at the door. Let's defeat them. President, tap on [Valkyrie Portrait] to asign more Valkyrie for the battle. Excellent, please tap here to [start] now.

Union Raid Hack Basics trucos

I found a chest here. Let's go over there and check it out now. Investigate the Chest - It seems like the chest that Red Umbrella use to store items. Not sure what kind of things they put in there? Open the chest/Never mind, I gotta be careful—é You have discovered some goodies after unlocking the chest. Destroy this device to obtain a [Campus Operator] ticket. The [Campus Operator] ticket can speed up the campus construction. Let's take a look at the campus. Tap here to check the campus yields. The yielding won't stop even when you go offline or idling. Tap here to claim the yields anytime. Great, let's keep exploring. President, these materials can be used for campus construction, and we'll get more operating funds.

enter Union Raid gift pass:
upgrade trucos - wfMB0zIfZ
level up code - 9ajJsi8xD
daily pack cheat - enter pass YWF8f7LzA
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Month Card x1 - GIAksM7Vy
booster pack - oN9b7XWsM
evolve - t2jMjZ4TL
enhance - j29PK1OaV
The newby joined Valkyrie is requesting to join the battle. The new Valkyrie is more suitable to absorb damage at the front row. We can now expand our campis. If you're in urgent need of yields, tap here. The [Time leap] function can help you get 2 hours' worth of yields quickly. We've got a big sum of start-up capital! There is a desktop here, the screen is still on! The recent activities of the student union are notable. Every management of the school is run by the student union. According to my discovery, it is unknown where the funds have gone to. Monitor Himiko has been getting chummy with the new union leader in private recently. I'm not sure if it is an affair. Anyways, for the stability of the school and the peace of mind of the students. Please demiss the management power of student union.

Union Raid Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. [Milk] can be used to level up your Valkyries. You've obtained a new Valkyrie [Shard] from the battle.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Union Raid cheat code - give: materials, summon x10, 5 stars valkyries, advanced scrolls, super special, weekly limited, surprise pack, diamonds, gold coins, growth milk, combat vitamin, premium chip, awaken, reset, fuse
3. Open the chest to acquire 10x summoning Scroll! The first 10 summons guarantees 5-star Valkyries! Acquire 10x Summon scrolls.
4. Arena - Level requirement not met, Unlocked at Lv 18. This is a place to show off your strength! Check out Points Battle, Rank Battles, and 3V3 X-server Battles. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard?
5. Combat mecha - Unlock after cleating Chapter 3 of the adventure [Death Valley]. Combat Mecha will enhance the overall Combat Power (CP) of the party. Make use fo them to achieve victories in your battles!

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Union Raid Redeem code - premium gift box 17.07.2021

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