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University Empire Tycoon use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh, welcome! You must be the rector. I was expecting your arrival, pleased to meet you! I will be in charge of helping you run this institution and make it a prestigious and respectable university. But, this will be no easy task. We will have to educate our students in a variety of fields of knowledge so that they can reach great achievements and successes in the future. Well, let us proceed. At present, we have a philosophy faculty as our university, where the knowledge of humanities is taught. Let's take a look at its facilities. Tap on the building to see inside. Here is the faculty summary. You can see that students attending this class will only be able to learn up to 25 humanities points. Improving the quality of the maximum amount of knowledge that can be taught. Let's improve a classroom.

University Empire Tycoon Hack Basics

Try adding a blackboard to the classroom, this will increase letter knowledge in the faculty. Well done, we have improved the maximum amount of knowledge that the faculty can impart. In addition, we have increased the tuition fees, which allows us to earn money more quickly. You can tell you're going to be good at this. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you something essential that you should be aware of it is about the prestige of our university. You can see it represented by a star at the top. This value indicates the quality of our university. It increases automatically when upgrading the campus. The higher the prestige, the more we can expand our faculty, hire better teachers and enrol better students. In fact, let's put it into practice. Let's build a new classroom in the faculty. Great, one of the campus construction teams will have it built in a short period of time, but o recommend you use the instant method right now. Use gems cheat code - with the use of these, you can save yourself the wait and finish this construction immediately.

Hint & Tips

1. We can accommodate more students by adding new desks in the classrooms. Each desk is a space for one more student and therefore more tuition revenue.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: energy, off limit, speed up, money, gems, research, master pack, managers (accountant, financial, board, coordinator, Vice chancellor), builders, tokens, top headhunter
3. We need to hire teachers. The recruitment screen - here you will periodically see the profiles of new teachers who can be recruited. Try to check it often just in case there are interesting candidates. We will now try to hire a teacher who is good at the knowledge of humanities. When we make an offer to a teacher,we should take into account their salary and prestige, also indicated by a star. The greater the difference between their prestige and that of our university, the more difficult it will be to hire them. We would have to offer them a higher salary to convince them. However, if their prestige is lower, we can haggle a little on the price.
4. Now we have to assign teacher to a class so they can start educating students. The teacher can start working now, this will be their classroom until we change our mind. But that will be a question for later. Let's see how it goes, as the academic year is just starting and new students are arriving on campus. It is also already class time, as indicated by the clock at the top.

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