Cheats hack Unruly Heroes code:soul bubble, revive, keys, skill points, unlock characters, money, skins, speed up Unruly Heroes Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Unruly Heroes hack cheat code List

soul bubbles - use t0JmwGZAF
speed up - hiMNlvfz6
secret combination - FGqzyXKV1
revive - ol9G7xG80
double rewards - S1yFacvhy
started pack - pVh3muYXp
keys - hKuUo3gbm
skill points - CWMVNTSm1
unlock characters - UtnwS7dLS
money - IsmEQJGi4
admin panel - 2Mnp0btUm
skins - OscLzgCjY
increase damage - Eeth7M40f
weapon - D5lUq8BMU
equipment - OrmmhjEwL

Unruly Heroes use cheats
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Game story

Since the dawn of time, the Sacred Parchment has maintained the balance between worlds. Throughout the ages, dark forces conspired to undo that order. Eventually, they prevailed. Like comets hurled down from the heavens, fragments of the Parchment were scattered across the land. And in their wake, fair became foul. Virtue turned to vice. Now, wretched creatures roam the land, wreaking havoc, leaving chaos in their wake. Only four truly, unruly heroes can turn back that dark tide, and restore order to heaven and Earth.

Heroes, beware! Through your fates are written, the road ahead is perilous. To keep the world from endless night, you'll test your limits against fearsome foes. No pressure, though - you've got this! Now where was i? " Danger, fearsome foes...eternal darkness". Right, introductions! I'll be watching over you, and sending good vibes when the going gets tough. But enough about me! Let the journey to the west begin!

Unruly Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Our master is being held prisoner! Hurry, let me glide! (only with Sanzang and Kihong). Use dash if you want to attack the enemy from behind. Dodge attack and some dangerous objects. When one of your characters dies, you can revive them by hitting their soul bubble. Use the power of Sandmonk and his legendary strength to destroy the most resilient. You have enough keys to buy your first power up.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - gVbqvyo8H
level up - WWq0PAVtm
daily pack - enter pass gAZrrbjo1
admin account - 4JFg8zbYO
Month Card x1 - 5ULsUuT4D
booster pack - 5ULsUuT4D
evolve - K0jAFv8it
enhance - S7N9cwy7Q
Each character has three levels of power-up and one passive ability. Collect keys of enlightenment to unlock them. Pressing up and attacking at the same time will throw the enemy in the air. The opponent will be more vulnerable. You have enough money to buy your first skim. Each character has four different ones. Collect all coins to unlock all of them.

Unruly Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ability: spiritual revolution - bring forth your light. Focus your spirit to deal damage around you.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: soul bubble, revive, keys, skill points, unlock characters, money, skins, speed up, increase damage, weapon, equipment
3. Complete the levels in order to find beautiful artwork. You can review each one in the gallery.
4. You can change the performance mode and the quality settings to the ones that suit your device at any time in the options menu.

Unruly Heroes Hack tools Version:


Unruly Heroes Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. 8UWEkt3IrvCsIKR
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6. X4t12t7aQx9Huwk
7. AZJ8B4Hs9AOtkJA
8. m3pd5qjKBoZI6F2
9. xF3rSLBM1ApMuqU
10. 5bQOpElWJaX0qls
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