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Until We Die Game story

I remember that day. When the skies pounded the Earth. Those of us, who survived the cataclysm, and were not mauled by the creatures, fled in the Metro. There, in the darkness of the tunnels, we found refuge. And we will fight for our future, UNTIL WE DIE. Warning! In the current state, the game doesn't have a save system. We're doing everything we can to add them with the updates soon.

Ivan Characteristics - After lenthly service, he left the army and devoted his subsequent life to gamekeeping on a hunting estate. As a professional hunter, he had no fear of predators or poachers. He proved himself a tough and reliable worker with clear leadership skills. Proficient with firearms. Every fifth round in Ivan's clip is explosive. These rounds deal greater damage.

Anna Characteristics - Before the invasion, she worked as a personal trainer and enjoyed target shooting in her free time. She also won numerous different competitions. She is strong willed, goal-oriented and responsible. She carries a shotgun that belonged to her father and which she will never part with, showing no interest in other weapons. Good appetite Restores stamina when she picks up food.

Until We Die Hack Basics trucos

Our scouts confirmed the integrity of the ventilation shaft at the Electrozavodskaya station. The decision was taken to gain a foothold in that area and use the shaft to deliver supplies from the surface. Your task is to restore the power supply to the station and survive for 28 days before the arrival of our main forces. Good luck, Commander! We are approaching the station.Will you help me out? Get me some scrap so i can fix the handcar. X order to loot crates. You can assign people from your squad to walls by sending them to the flag.

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Engineers and dwellers that are assigned to walls will repair them when needed. For the workshop to start operating, you need to send a worker in there. Diggers are powerful melee fighters. If you assign a digger to a wall, he will protect it with his shovel. They are excellent at clearing outgrowths. Diggers are also good looters and can hunt slugs. The workshop produces tools every day. Alright men, let's get to work! Follow my orders, explore our surroundings, build this place up, and stay alive! If you provide me with food, i'll get you volunteers and scrap. Collect scrap that i brought, so that i can return to the tunnels for the next batch.

Until We Die Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Select bonus for upgrading generator: Agitator For the next 2 trips, the merchant brings an additional follower. For each dwelling of the 4th level, one tramp will come to the base. Shelter network After lighting the first brazier, 1 tramp will come to the base. An active brazier increases the population cap by 1. The ground igniters around the braziers as mutants run by.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Until We Die cheat code - give: supply, engineers, dwellers, diggers, restore HP, loot crates, premium hero, increase population, technologies, shield, increase damage, attack speed +200%
3. Diggers can clear rubble with shovels! Send two diggers to make the work go faster. Engineers are a great support. They can study technologies in the laboratory, unlocking new station improvements. Engineers cab build every type of structure, and will passively repair any wall they are stationed at.
4. Press the D-Pad-Left/ D-Pad-Right button to reorder your squad. The hero goes into danger mode for a while if enemies are near or if the hero was injured. In this mode, you cannot interact with objects or assign people to jobs.
5. Flash-bang Traps A flash-bang trap will be placed at each wall. The trap will be triggered when the wall's health falls below 30%. Once triggered, the trap stuns enemies for a short time. Barbed wire Enemies take 2 point of damage for every 2 seconds inside the barrage line.

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