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Vainglory All Stars Game story

Hi, I am Gwen. You ready? I hate tutorials, don't you? So don't worry, we'll make it quick and get to the real fun. A girls gotta eat. Help me grab a couple of gems, I'll owe you. Run over and grab the gem. This last one looks kind of far. You can DASH by tapping that HEROIC ITEM button with your right thumb. DASH over there and grab the gem. Uh oh, who's this? Time to put this shotgun to good use! Aim at the minion by DRAGGING the attack button towards your target then releasing it. You can auto-aim and quick fire by just TAPPING the attack button too. Your hero is out of charges! Just wait a sec and they recharge on their own. Well good news - after a brief delay, you automatically regain your health as long as you don't take more damage or attack in that time. Running around is fine enough! Let's put it all to good use! Take out these two minions!

Vainglory All Stars Hack Basics trucos

Use your SUPER ability button and let's hit him with massive damage! Ultimate power! That was Gwen at level 1. Wanna see how she feels maxed-out? Smack that PLAY button. Kill enemies to earn stars! Damaging enemies charges your ultimate ability! HEAL by not attacking or taking damage for a few seconds. In a pinch, just tap the attack button -- It aims for you. Don't rush! WAIT and TIME each shot you take. Almost dead? Use your boots button to help your escape. Start upgrading - Now that you've seen how far UPGRADES can go, let's get you started. Head to the HEROES page to upgrade GWEN! You'll receive a coveted Victory Token for your first win of the day for this game mode! Let's gooooo!

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These are hero-specific, and you'll find them in CHESTS. Check the SHOP regularly for a chance to get them for FREE! You'll also need enough COINS to fire off each upgrade. Coins can also be used to buy things in the SHOP. Ready to upgrade? This is what it looks like when you've got enough POWER POINTS and COINS to upgrade. These suckers can gon all the way up to POWER LEVEL 20! Element Passive ability Armor Piercing - This hero's bacis attacks deal an additional 2% of the enemy's max health as damage. The trophy count is based on the total amount of trophies across all heroes. Earn trophies to collect trophy track rewards! Win matches to gain TROPHIES and earn progress along this rewards track. While you can still earn other rewards from losses, you must win to earn TROPHIES.

Vainglory All Stars Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Kestrel - sniper's ULTIMATE can shoot through walls, or even across the map!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Vainglory All Stars cheat code - give: skins, unlock heroes, trophies, victory token, coins, legendary chest, challenge chest, battle token, gems, seasonal deal, starter pack, premium box
3. The trophy track count is based on the total amount of trophies across all heroes. Earn trophies to collect trophy rewarsd!
4. Collect 100 BATTLE TOKENS to open a RARE CHEST on the home page.
5. Minion Madness Gythian Mine - The legend goes that the test all true warriors must pass it to survive holding jewels for 15 seconds in minion infested mines. We will hold 10x jewels and prove ourselves the mightiest. The mninons always know who is holding jewels and will relentlessly pursue and attack. The minions grow stronger the more jewels they hold. We will test ourselves against minions and warriors alike in the same arena. Collect ahd Hold 10 jewels for 15 Seconds.
6. Different heroes have different strengths and weaknesses, and can dominate in certain modes. Heroes gain stats and abilities as they power up.
7. Use COINS to power-up your heroes on the HERO DETAILS screen, or check the SHOP for special deals.

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