Cheats hack Vampire Slasher Hero code: reforge, talent points, gold, ruby, lucky draw, legendary item Vampire Slasher Hero Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Vampire Slasher Hero hack cheat code List

reforge - use hack KMNJRyVBX
talent points - enter pass 6gMJAAfIh
gold - xKhVz8Nfw
ruby - cQruqs84q
booster pack - pTsJTDNdp
lucky draw - tDXXhXzTt
Month Card x1 - CS2MDhnKL
upgrade - OBx5mPi3O
daily gift bag x10 - zpw395wzk
secret combination code - bcFpnXB9O
legendary item - TZE6IvBj5
costumes - WTCBmCtLZ
weekly box - 9BsMclJI7

Vampire Slasher Hero use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Use the stick on the bottom left to move. Shadow bolt will launch automatically if there is enemy nearby. Your target is showing up on the top right. Press the spell tab from the hero tab to check the acquired skill. Hero tab has the spell tab for using acquired skill and costume tab for wearing purchased costumes. You can use the newly acquired unit or reforge its options from the mercenary tab.

Vampire Slasher Hero Hack Basics

Spend your talent points to improve your character. After level 5, you receive a talent point per level. You can reset your talents for free. Talent spells does not get stronger by gathering soul shards. Gather soul shards by killing the enemies. When your soul shard bar fills up, your spells get stronger. After the battle, your soul shards becomes your experience.

Hint & Tips

1. Lucky draw - gives you a random item that you can use. THe price varies according to your current level. Random grade, equip location, and option. You can equip items from your inventory.
2. Use cheat code, and give: reforge, talent points, gold, ruby, lucky draw, legendary item.
3. If you don't have enough mana, try using a talents or magic that can gain mana.
4. You can revive as long as the mana crystal is not destroyed. If you continue to die in battle, use magic and equipment to help you survive.
5. Use the gold you have earned to reforge your units. You can change the current stats by reforging mercenary, item, or costume.


Shadow bolt - cast a bolt of shadow at the target, inflict 11 damage. Blood burst - attacks the enemies around you with Whirl of blood. If hit, the enemies get 10 damage, and they are pushed back and stunned temporarily. Impale - inflict 30 damage on every enemy with range by piercing them with blood. Your knockback spells can interrupt the enemy's spell casting. You can upgrade spells by using gold or rubies.

Vampire Slasher Hero Hack tools Version:


Vampire Slasher Hero Redeem gift code

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