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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You've head an amazing life. Congratulations on getting inducted into the Venture league. You've been so successful in business. But you started with nothing! And look where you ended up! How did you do it? Open a business pet walking: animal lover offering dog walking services. Most people don't want to walk their dogs everyday. Including me. You've built a solid customer base. You should turn this into a real business. There are plenty of pet owners around here. And they need to know about you. If i were you i'd open a dog walking business right here. Go fot it. You're now taking dogs to pee and poop. Just kidding. Opening a business here in fortune springs is a smart move. But starting a business and running a business are two different things. Prove you've got hustle and we'll talk about what's next.

Venture Valley Hack Basics trucos

Tap your business to set your dog walking price. To earn that 1000 in short order find a price that'll earn over 200 daily gross profit. Daily gross profit gets deposited in your bank account. Let's see how you bandle a challenger. Be the first player to walk 250 dogs and earn 1,500 cash in revenue. Match goals - player that earns the most goal points wins! You can check your progress by tapping on the leaderboard above. Once of your match goals is to achieve 250 dog walks. Set your price lower to get more dog walks per day. Go ahead and use your skill points to add an additional pet walking service. Who knew llamas were he hot new thing? This valley is bonkers. Good news! You can now add a coffee stand to your entrepreneurial empire. Take a breath, there is a countdown period prior to each match. Use the time to review the match goals and hatch a game plan.

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Did you know you can transfer money from one business to another? It's easy! Click to open your holding company account. First, choose your pet walking business from this area. Use the slider to transfer cash. Money can also be transferred from the corporate account into a business by swapping the transfer arrow. Don't be shy about moving money around. After all it's your cash.

Venture Valley Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Event card deck - when you select a card it highlights available targets on the map. Blue card with green icon represent events and decisions tha can boost your business. Red cards will create adversity for your opponents. Red or blue cards with this icon "HQ" can target a player's headquarters. These HQ cards impact all of player's business at once. To see what effect a card will have, select and hold.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: skill points, money, speed up, starter pack, unlock locations, premium card, interior items
3. MULTIPLAYER - here ou can access multiplayer mode and play with friends using a lobby code. Multiplayer will unlock when you unlock the palms in challenge mode.
4. Your new player level and skills have opened new business opportunities for you.
5. Check the leaderboard to keep an eye on your competition.
6. skill points give you the ability to upgrade your business.

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