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Game story

Welcome! Your little people have moved to the country to enjoy the wide-open spaces and the rural lifestyle! Word has it that there are some mysterious happenings here that require your help to figure out. There is a lot that's new and different in our latest virtual families game, so be sure to check out the help section in the menu! We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we did making it. THe family tree shows the generations of little people that you have adopted, along with their children. You can tap any person on this screen to see details about them or change their name. When your little family is ready to transition to the next generation and give the house to one of the children, a new generation button will appear at the top of this screen. Tap on that button to choose a child to inherit the house.

Virtual Families 3 Hack Basics

Goals screen - this is where you can see your progress on a wide variety of accomplishments. You will be awarded coins for completing these goals, and they do not reset when you transition to future generations, so you cna continue working on them. Collections screen - all of the collectible items that your little family members have gathered are on display here. When the same collectible is found more than once, it will be sold on the internet for some quick cash. Store - use the money gained from work to buy groceries, medications, furniture, and extras for your little family. As the game is updated, there will be exciting new stuff available for your family here! Click on any item to learn about it.

Hint & Tips

1.Some items that you no longer need, like furniture, can be sold by selected the item while in decorate mode and dragging it outside the gates of your house.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: collections, pets, clothing, furniture, home improvement, career, raffle ticket, coins, roll the dice, time warp, adoption service
3. Your people needs basic furniture to be productive and rested. Later on, if you get better furniture or change your mind and no longer need this item, just drag it past the gate at the lower left to sell it at a second hand price.

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