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perks - use hack tLP2BRF1c
daily pack - enter pass AOSgTLPBh
planes - ZkraqDsnV
premium - Ny6BMOktY
booster pack - XuKUP2dWx
speed up - MAaBUtcNJ
Month Card x1 - 3pI4Cj5XP
clock points - xoS8gZlD0
daily gift bag x10 - AU6qiXaH7
secret combination code - nEX6itrkC
exclusive trucks - LpT9vpkqZ
trailers - Hm61cKmZC
increase weekly tax - u9nWRtS0S
upgrade - LczQCBWKP
usd money - foyfaDcgU
unlimited fuel - J0CWB444V

Virtual Truck Manager 2 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You just created the company. You are responsible for managing the company and delivering cargo using your trucks and drivers. Now let's buy the first truck and hire the drivers who will drive your truck. Go to the headquarter and hire two drivers. They will both work in the crew on the truck you will buy. Now go to the garage to buy a truck. Four times a day, better trucks appear on sale, but the first truck is always available. Now is the time to buy a trailer you'll use to load the cargo. For beginners, i recommend the refrigeration trailer! You will find the easiest cargos for this trailer. On a long haul truck, you can have two drivers, which will work together in the crew.

Virtual Truck Manager 2 Hack Basics

After you build the service, you will able to hire mechanics who will work for your trucks to repair them and change damaged parts. After you build the warehouse, you will able to: buy trucks for city transports; bring cargo in your warehouse using long haul trucks; deliver cargo to local companies using trucks for city transports. The partnership allows you to make alliances with more players to unlock missions together. Missions are part of different seasons. Each season has 20 days each.

Hint & Tips

1. The trcuk cannot be driven if it's not registered. Custom register plates cost 25 VTPs, but the first registration is free.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: perks, planes, premium, speed up, clock points, exclusive trucks, trailers, increase weekly tax, usd money, unlimited fuel
3. In dispatcher, you will manage the routes and transports of long haul trucks. You can drive an empty truck, or load a cargo to deliver it. Later, in the premium table, you will be able to use more driving styles. The premium table will make it easier for you to view and handle many trucks in the same time.
4. When a driver gets tired, pushing them you will be able to switch them.
5. The trucks of rating 1 need a revision every 15 days. I recommend build the service.

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Virtual Truck Manager 2 Redeem code - premium gift box

1. O3KM19cNkWyGEib
3. KcS3YffkPfSQj4u
4. 1LLdUPvllEUjTKg
5. Z1jG4ttVxgbZely
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