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Vive le Football Game story

Hi, I'm your assistant Olivia. You can choose between the traditional 11 v 11 football match or the 3V3 street football as your first match into the game. Choose Your Appearance: 11 V 11 Soccer PVE/PVP - Prioritize management, Win the Game! Street Mode 2V2 & 3V3 - Head to Street, Play with Friends! Deploy targeted tactics is the key to victory. When facing a five-back lineup, try to strike the opponent's ribs precisely. World All star team invitation match. It's a strong rival that AC Milan rarely meets! Players are ready, they are walking out of the tunnel. The game is about to kick off, players from both teams are looking forward to win the game. The opponent socres first with a bycicle kick! It's a foul for AC Milan, the referee decides to give the opponent a freekick. A piece of art, he scores directly from the freekick!

Vive le Football Hack Basics trucos

Try Shooting, give it a try - Click Shoot. Pass the ball to your teammate - Click Pass. Don't miss this chance! Dribble Forward, get pass the defenders, please press direction and sprint simultaneously - Press to sprint. Use tricks to dribble pass the defenders! Press and swipe up or down. They are unable to stop you, use lob shoot to score! Press and hold up to swipe. Opponent players are threatening our defense! Press Pressure. You are leading now, keep your victory till the end! You can click on [?] to see the operating instructions anytime. Move the joystick to control the shooting. Pay attention to the position of teammates and get aware of opposing players when your goalkeeper kicks off. After the game, the club chairman was very satisfied with your performance in turning the tide and invited you to the office to talk.

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Your understanding of tactics is really in place. I haven't seen you such a talented assistant coach for many years. If you are just an assistant coach, it would be a waste of your talents. You should try to run a team by yourself. If you want to stay, of course I will be very pleased. If you have a favorite club, I will do my best to help you realize your dreams. In order to learn more quickly, you can click on the [New Mission] and complete the task. Click [Go] to quickly reach the entrance to the task. First, we need to recruit a new player. Next, we can use actual combat to test the level of the team.

Vive le Football Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The players are ready, please click [Go] to choose a game. You can choose any game in [Story mode] [Street Mode] and [Ranked]. This is the entrance to the Ranked Mode, you can enter the Ranked Mode from here.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Vive le Football cheat code - give: recruit ticket, coach, players, coupon pack, ero token, recruit ticket, adv board, training cones, rookie training, over 80 player pack, speed up
3. You can get many incredible rewards from the ranked mode, including limited players and seasonal rewards in accordance to your rank when the season ends.
4. There are many ranks in the ranked mode, you can get pts when you participate in ranked games. When you have ehough pts, your rank will rise.
5. This is the main screen of Ranked. Assistant coash Scott is an expert in player training. Meet him on the 3rd floor and he can help you arrange training.

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