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gold - use cWfU2DnO3
iron - jfdi6goFF
secret combination - 1aTclYJ7L
oil - fRsfC4NoG
double rewards - vciaeRb5N
taxes - 3TZI4fZj1
general exp - FLusFR4GG
unlock slots - yobZ5nnhn
all resources - 61fPLoZCi
admin panel - 9vyrQN4tA
formation - X1oQuwsjD
premium unit - use jFAI9PnEv
recruit x10 - RFx3sS2rS
legendary general - vMVHpIuso
manufacture materials - yLYnlfkrf
speed up - use pVajsr11K
VIP status - Bociit4rw
research - UiUxvgcJa

War Mania use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Listen up, Ace. The prime minister has ordered civilian ships to undertake a massive relief effort at Dunkirk. I need you to go to Calais to help the defenders there hold back the Axis. I know this is a dangerous mission, but top brass is willing to pay a hefty price for your help. Look here, it won't more than two weeks before we mobilize and push the enemy back to the Rhine. Then all you Yanks can go relax in Palm beach. You have my world as a man of honor. Now stop wasting time, and get your troops over there as soon as you can! You know, we should clear some open space and give the troops somewhere to get their rest. Maybe instead of whining we can find some building materials to use here. We can put up a simple building to be our interim headquarters. Everyone can rotate through it to get some rest.

War Mania Hack Basics trucos

Leave your base to scout out the enemy. We've spotted two artillery batteries to the southeast! We've only got one chance - let's carry out a surprise attack. Tap "formation" button to see troop formation. Then, tap the enemy troops. We can't treat the wounded in the field, so we've got to get back to base quickly. We need more than decorations to defend our base. Tap on the plot to clear the rubble. A telegraph - that's just what we needed right now! We can use it to contact the Brigadier General.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 63572ZBoX
level up - JNDOuI4NH
daily pack - enter pass 7ZJtGhKaU
admin account - xR0eKvRZ6
Month Card x1 - ITFp8EVRK
booster pack - MP0QGkUrq
evolve - xZijpXyId
enhance - xZijpXyId
Base missions can help you reconstruct your base and enhance your power. Before the Germans invaded, we were mostly just ordinary civilians. If we want to defend our homes well, we'll need your toughest training! if we want to survive here, our base will have to outlast at least a few rounds of shelling. Even when there's no fighting, we can't rest. The stronger we build our base, the better off we'll be!

War Mania Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. partisans - infantry troops are the basic building blocks of your army, with a balanced combat effect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, iron, oil, taxes, general exp, unlock slots, formation, premium unit, recruit x10, legendary general, manufacture materials, speed up, research
3. T-34S - tanks have a higher attack against artillery, so deploy them against that troop type.

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1. v0fUSxYVi3vjPoB
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7. BuOv6uEgSipH5YK
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9. Emn4hPmufzC9bwl
10. eAQy9DG9zz3axVZ
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