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Game story

Welcome to planet Cryptal our planet has been under attack by the Centrized. Their only goal it to destroy Crypta and take all of its crypto dust, which powers every hero. To battle in this war, you'll need to get a team of heroes from your crystals. Click on your gem bar to see al your crystals. Tap on any crystal and choose a crystal analyzer to use.

War of crypta battle heroes Hack Basics

Now that you have a hero, you can add it to your squad and start battling. Let's first learn more about your hero. At first glance, you can learn a little bit about each of your heroes. Bottom symbolizes which type(s) your hero is. Certain types are super or less effective against other types. The border around your hero's card represents its rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and special. Tap on your hero to see its details page. On this page, you can learn a lot about your hero so let's see what info we can gather.

Hint & Tips

1. To apply crypto dust, you can press 'max' button to apply the needed dust to level up hero.
2. Forgot what your move does? Press and hold the move icon to view their description in battle.
3. Using a move consumes stamina. Make sure you manage your stamina well so you can do move combos.
4. Use cheat code, and give: gold, diamonds, experience points, fuel, legendary heroes, premium pack, VIP status, unlock all world, action points
5. The more heroes you faint, the more dust you will receive at end of battle.
6. Before you start a battle, make sure you drag and drop the heroes you want to battle with to the 'my squad' section. You can take up to 4 heroes into battle.


Your hero's move loadout - each character have 4 moves that can be used in battle. To swap out moves, just simply tap on the bar. Your unit learns new moves by leveling up. The bottom left number shows how much stamina this move will consume when used. The bottom right number shows the power of that move. Power is a main factor in how much damage it will do in battle, but it doesn't represent how much HP it will take away. Total stats - this is base _ individual stats. You can tap on the bar to view your individual stats. Individual stats never change, even when leveling up/evolving.

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