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War of Deities Darkness Rises hack cheat code List

stamina - use YTDKWtiqC
off ads - 64xYywFhj
secret combination - WTmCHFfuq
summon x10 - ezsPAwLtU
double rewards - hAO9N6W6R
tier up - Ma1So4wn1
gears - jz2yQ7hkH
shards - d2izuLNgM
starter package - 9yvpNnWIi
admin panel - BzaryrxdB
speed up - 6XSgPxlDY
gold coins - use xI011g9sA
diamonds - VYYCCxfOo

War of Deities Darkness Rises use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

A vicious battle has erupted between the heroes of the holy city and Neltharion the black dragon. The black dragon fled west after sustaining heavy injuries. Joan of Arc has decided to pursue it alone. The knight of rage, La hire, received a letter from the Holy city while waiting for the fight. The Holy city is perilously close to falling under this latest assault. We need your help. Come at once. After being summoned by the sorcerer supreme Merlin, knight of fury la hire immediately set off for the holy city of Aden. The altar of light must not fall into the hands of darkness.

War of Deities Darkness Rises Hack Basics trucos

Tap on hero portrait to deploy into battle. Tap on french archer to send him into battle alongside hero. Put the French archer at the rear to make the best use of them. Tap portrait to cast ability. Disciple: deploy 2 - grants la hire a 'disciple' buff when Joan of Arc is on the field, increasing his Maximum HP by 30%. Grants a 'guidance' buff to Joan of Arc when La Hire is on the field, increasing her ATK by 25%. Place Joan in the middle of your formation so that her ability 'power of freedom' can incinerate more enemies.

enter cheat (War of Deities Darkness Rises gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Dcv6Ba4jm
level up - wKvA1Srt3
daily pack - enter pass MGw4NT9um
admin account - KPvJmwvHH
Month Card x1 - wGBrepWtP
booster pack - pOopdwJC9
evolve - 9dHbes7R3
enhance - LoaaELVUG
How to obtain hero experience: improving oneself is the only way to coexist perfectly with the world. Ordinary campaign - embark on an ordinary campaign stage for plenty of rewards. Elite campaign - challenge an elite campaign stage for even greater rewards. EXP campaign - embark on an experience campaign to gain plenty of EXP.

War of Deities Darkness Rises Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Raise hero levels to unlock more skills. Upgrade heroes to improve their attributes. Enhance your signature gear to boost its core attributes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stamina, summon x10, tier up, gears, shards, gold coins, diamonds, speed up
3. World progress chests contain huge diamond rewards. Remember, you cna claim diamonds from the story profile section of a new hero.
4. Deploy bonded heroes to activate special combo skills. Go to the tavern to recruit epic heroes.

War of Deities Darkness Rises Hack tools Version:


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