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Game story

To us there's no tomorrow. On that day Citarium brought us new resources, technology, and endless war. Outlaws bandits we were engulfed by war. Our world was slowly thrashed into waste. Our future was but ash, until we received the message from the air fortress. It has lit our hope, we shall end all wars with this war. After a long journey, you and your partners finally found a small town where you can settle down. After much deliberation, we decided to use this small town as our starting point. At least it's a place to shelter us. And thankfully, our neighbors are all normal humans. Okay, lads, this will be our home in the future. Let us clean up and get ready for a better tomorrow.

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There are a lot of ruins within our base. Clear the ruins to recycle materials and make room for our use. We are very lucky. The land here has not been contaminated by Citarium. We can build some facilities to ensure our daily needs. These buildings seem to have been used as gathering places in the past, and they were built to be both solid and durable. It's said that people in the past would gather in these buildings to party and revel all night. It's hard to imagine what was like at that time.

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Since the disaster caused Citarium to spread, the survivors no longer have the energy to think about things other than survival. Everyone is struggled to live. With the united efforts, i believe our lives will be better and better. It is a pity to demolish these well structured buildings. Send people to repair for the continued use.

War of Fury Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When the captured land is in a state of war, you can launch an attack order to send another troop to support it. We can use the training ground to supplement reserve troops in case of emergency. Train reserve troops in the base so you can use them when you need to conscript. This building has enough space that can be used to prepare troops. The troops need to be led by heroes before they can set out, however, our base is understaffed. Fortunately, we still have some Citarium and it is not difficult to find suitable candidates. Let's recruit some partners.
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3. Now that the troops are prepared, they can attack at any time. But we just settled down and everyone is exhausted, it is better to have a rest and then consider resources. I have recorded the important matters in the notes. Please pay more attention.
4. Relying on the resource facilities in the city is only enough to feed people. We need to occupy more lands to get resources. A large number of territories outside the city are occupied by bandits, and we need to defeat them before occupying. Out troops are ready to attack at any time.
5. You can occupy the land after defeating the bandits and resource output will be displayed here. The expedition order can only be issued when there are connected territories around. Currently, you can issue commands to occupy the surrounding territories. Land is our most important source of resources. Train powerful troops to occupy more advanced territories and allow us to have a foothold.

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