Cheats hack War of Glory Rise of Crusade code:resource, speed up, epic recruit, stamina, fragment, gold, chest, vip War of Glory Rise of Crusade Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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War of Glory Rise of Crusade hack cheat code List

hero soul - use hack e4NHCtAhU
daily pack - enter pass gZ5i3udat
resource - gZ5i3udat
speed up - LUOdIEWBt
booster pack - Au8nOMwtk
off ad - pAH5ly7xC
Month Card x1 - YFLg0Cdh2
epic recruit - OOH4mDegP
daily gift bag x10 - cQCOpyOAv
stamina - edsVYtDAn
fragment - q8g8OtvPi
upgrade - t6kMjmrts
level up - IMiRKq8mI
activity points - hSnrnbgyt
gold - Mdoy3ypDD
chest - Hen08YI2X
vip - QuFnbc4jI

War of Glory Rise of Crusade use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Sir, emergency situation! We must rebuild the Avengers. The radar station has detected signals of superheroes in New York City, go to check it now. Superheroes are still here with us, they are reuniting now to defend earth! However, some heroes are still missing, one of the five heroes is willing to stay here, he will help you defend the city and find other heroes. Captain America, Thor, Phoenix, Quicksilver, Ironman - these five epic heroes have different power, now choose one to be your partner. Captain America - shield attack: deal heavily physical damage to a single target. Thor - thunder force: single target attack, deal extra damage to the target with low HP. Phoenix - flame: deal magical damage to targets in the back row. Quicksilver - phantom strikes: deal heavily physical damage to a single target. Ironman - ray pulse: deal heavily magical damage to a single target, and drain some HP.

War of Glory Rise of Crusade Hack Basics

You have acquired enough hero fragments, let's summon this hero! And don't forget to deploy the hero in the battle after summon. Things are getting better, now we have got the help of three heroes. Let's start construct the city, we really need to reinforce the defense, danger will come at any time! Commander, renovate Base needs plenty of minerals, let's build a stone pit first. Build the quarry - produces stone for your city. Upgrade to increase stone production and storage. Now we can build a barrack to train more soldiers. Upgrade to unlock more powerful infantry troops. Tap the training camp to get prepared soldiers. Our patrol troop has found a strange energy spark in cybertron ruin, let's check it out. Spark can provide endless energy to mecha, try to put it into mecha's core. We noticed some zombies near base, send Mecha and troops to eliminate them.

Hint & Tips

1. Base is the core of a city, upgrade it can develop the city quickly.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: hero soul, resource, speed up, epic recruit, stamina, fragment, activity points, gold, chest, vip
3. The more resource buildings you have, the greater your levels of resource production.
4. Gain points from gathering resources on the country map.

War of Glory Rise of Crusade Hack tools Version:


War of Glory Rise of Crusade Redeem code - premium gift box

1. uxW9vVOk2SUhGaR
2. CGTJVeb9cVk5nqo
3. 14LVkpkM5ANNjt2
4. wWcAVjz6sC916BL
5. dYXxOs9S6XWeFaD
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