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Game story

Welcome to the isle of Toria, a land of mystery and winder! It must be protected. So, you're the rookie that's managing this outpost? I'm Gordon, Steward of Evergreen. I best get you up to speed. We're struggling to deal with all these recent bandit attacks and they're spreading all over Toria. We need gold coming in, rookie. Build us a gold extractor. Find a good spot for it. No need to be fussy, we cna always move it later. Building takes time. However, we can rush it through by using gems.

Warfronts Hack Basics trucos

Stay sharp, bandits can sniff out valuables a mile off, we can't give the a....Blasted vermin! It's as i feared. We must defend ourselves or be robbed blind. A ground turret should do for now. Let's take care of those filthy bandits. We barely broke a sweat! Well played, rookie. Perhaps we'll make a commander out of you get. Don't worry about the damage, our builders will see to the repairs.

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We must arm our townsfolk and take the fight to those bandits. Build us a garrison. At ease, spearman. A happy soldier is a motivated one, and few things bring greater happiness than a hearty meal. Evergreen Meadows has the best farmers in all of Toria and they provide food for the whole kingdom. We should build a food reserve. The more food we have, the greater the army we can muster.

Warfronts Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The men are in high spirits, rookie and they're ready to get some payback on our uninvited guests. Tap multiple times in an empty area to deploy your troops.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Warfronts cheat code - give: gems, gold coins, buildings, decorations, treasure, offers, food, workers, speed up, premium troops, legendary commander
3. I think it's time we renovated our castle. Select it an order upgrade. It certainly looks prouder! We've unlocked new buildings from the shop too. These bandit attacks worry me, never before have i seen them this organized and marching under one banner. There is much to be done if we're to succeed in dealing with the bandit threat. Open the task list.

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