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vip package - use hack Mr6AO5ON8
daily pack - enter pass CdEYHxQyO
stat points - BH2cErdw0
AP - D1r0sW91F
booster pack - WlvDa0UUB
gold - uAPnhdO1B
Month Card x1 - 6EdoYyiGT
legendary weapon - 32hcyh76b
daily gift bag x10 - NPDBG9xAy
secret combination code - yOMzhCgo5
premium equipment - q6rXFyrzX
no cd - 4MbHo1uZh
artifact - Ktnsxon31
upgrade - SxJFgnIf9
level up - xyojot4Nh
rune - HBJxugTRG
increase attack speed - drvRLtcmx
add more space - 0bn7nPmcA
silver - 87Lim55e1

Warhammer Odyssey use cheats
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Game story

Engineer: powder smith - strong single target and multi-target damage with a powerful rifle and gadgets. Machine smith - support allies using defensive turrets to taunt, debuff, and slow enemies. Archmage: master of heavens - command a terrifying arsenal of single and multi-target damage spells. Master of life - keep allies in the fight by using potent ranged heals and dispelling enemy debuffs. Shadow warrior: path of the veiled arrow - ambush enemies with precise long ranged bow attacks and crippling movement debuffs. Path of the silent blade - use stealth to weave in and out of combat and strike foes from behind. Slayer: dragon slayer - dual wield axes for high sustained single target damage and reliable critical strikes. Troll slayer - AoE damage with taunts and damage resist abilities using a 20-handed battleaxe. Warrior Priest: order of the silver hammer - shield allies from enemies with taunts, crowd control, and defensive buffs. Order of the cleansing flame - support allies with powerful heals and crush enemies with a 2 handed hammer. Witch hunter: sigmarite templar - chain together skill combos to inflict devastating critical strikes. Sanctioned hunter - wear down enemies with mid ranged pistol attacks and debilitating bleeds.

Warhammer Odyssey Hack Basics

Finish a basic attack combo to build up conviction. Some actions consume conviction to enhance its power. The stats page shows essential information on how stats affect your character's performance: weapon, accuracy, initiative, wounds, focus, leadership. Your character will gain stat points every time they level up. You can tap & hold on each stat to see how it affects your character. Spend your stat points to increase your character's stats by pressing (+). You can tap the "auto assign" button to automatically assign your stat points in a balanced way according to your class.

Hint & Tips

1. Quick shot - sensing an opportunity, the witch hunter snatches a shot with their side arm with crippling close range power.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stat points, AP, gold, legendary weapon, premium equipment, no cd, artifact, rune, increase attack speed, add more space, silver, refresh shop
3. Mark of the heretic - having identified a foe's apostasy, the witch hunter brands them heretic, marking them so all may know of their corruption and strike them down.
4. Being overburdened will lower your movement speed. Equipment durability is degraded in combat, check durability before engaging in battle.

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Warhammer Odyssey Redeem code - premium gift box

1. NA1UCd8oH9Kn9DD
2. 6GTum8aug5lwAdI
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5. yWhSE8MqBQ8YTtf
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