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Warplane inc Game story

Your journey as a pilot srarts here! Pilot the most famous aircraft of the Second World War, upgrade them, unlock nuclear weapons, and answer the question "What does the war mean to you?" Completing the compaign will unlock Free Mode and the Constructor. We're on the map! Here you can track the progress of the war and read the latest news reports. Icon marks our plane. Our territory is on the left, while enemy territory is on the right. Border guards report that a village in the Schulmann area has been shelled from the direction of enemy.

Warplane inc Hack Basics trucos

Welcome to the Hangar! Here you can upgrade your planes. You will gradually unlock new planes, click to scroll through them. The plane is not available at this point of the story. After completing the campaign, you will have access to all aircrafts, pilot! Learn to fly an airplane and survive the flying academy to unlock and fly the best airplanes of your time! You are on a pilot training crash course. Most of you will successfully pass this course and will be able to give your lives for our homeland! We don't give you parachutes on training or combat missions on purpose: you must try to save the car at any cost. The average survival period for a pilot is 14 sorties! No further questions!

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Let's start training! Point one: release the brakes before takeoff. Point two: set engine thrust to maximum! Point three: once you have accelerated, control the plane with the joystick. The joystick indicates the direction in which the plane will fly. Do not pull the joystick until the aircraft is accelerating: the elevators will create additional aerodynamic drag, which will slow the aircraft's acceleration. In flight, try not to lift the nose of the aircraft too high. Use the Boost button on the right. That's enough! Take off and fly straight. You'll get the rest of your instructions by radio when you're in the air!

Warplane inc Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Landing an airplane is difficult and requires care. With practice, however, it'll become really easy! If you are new to flight simulators and have problems with landing-turn on the simplified mode, the plane will become stronger and it will be easier to land.
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3. Now let's proceed to land! There is only enough fuel for one attempt. The location of the refueling airfield is shown on the map. Before landing, you need to reduce your altitude and speed, as well as the engine power.
4. Before touching down, we recommend that you pull the nose of the aircraft up, in order to reduce the touchdown speed. No matter how fast your plane flies, the main thing is that the descent rate (Vertical speed) at the moment of touchdown is low!
5. Landing request precision. The touchdown onto the runway should be very soft. Mistakes can result in damage to the aircraft or death! After touching down onto the runway, apply the brake. You must come to a complete stop BEFORE the end of the runway. Hope to see you again, recruits!
6. You can increase your engine's power for a short time - use afterburner mode. Using the afterburner increases the flight range.

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