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Warring states Game story

During the WarringStatesPeriod, you finally have a chance to escape with your allies from the enemy state. But the enemy soldiers are chasing after you... In an emergency. Xinlingjun passes by and rescues you.

First Battle: AP determines the number of actions. It is full at the beginning of each round. Barracks - the place where you dispatch soldiers in each round. Drag a soldier. Form a team 3 soldiers from the same type can form a team. Team waiting, number - is waiting time. The team can attack when it is 0. Caution! A team can only initiate the attack in the next round after it is formed! Time censer - display the remaining time of each round. The incense unburnt can be used in the next round.

Warring states Hack Basics trucos

Hero is the main target. Meanwhile, protect your hero from enemy. You lose when the Hero HP is 0. The team can attack when its chain become green! Fight by your own! Form a team and attack the enemy. You will win when the enemy HP is 0. New soldier type means more changes and possibilities. Use warriors for cooperative combat. You can attack the front of enemy general to cause the maximum damage. You can only attack the flank, which can only cause 1 point of damage to each soldier. Double-click the soldier or press the head portrait of the hero to check their speciality.

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Cooperative combat Cavalries and spearmen are good at charging forward. Warriors are good at attacking in one way or another. Try to exert their strengths. Cooperative combat Speciality of warriors. Warriors can attack the column in flank. Spearmen can only play their roles while charging forward. They can cause 1 point of piercing damage to enemy soldier in the rear. It's the time to try your cavaliers. In the first attack, no damage will be caused to them. You have been captured for a long time, so your army is empty. Go home and dispatch an envoy to seek among the people. Seek for virtuous talents and excellent generals. It's less possible to find what you want with coppers, but you will become luckier and luckier. You will surely find a hero with golds. The new hero will wait at home for 7 days, during which you can recruit this hero directly.

Warring states Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You need to deploy the hero for the current battle. Drag the hero onto the head portrait in the upper left corner. Click to open the ability list of the hero to learn new abilities. Use ability points to acquire the intermediate soldier control ability. You can use more powerful intermediate soldiers.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Warring states cheat code - give: ability points, gold, morale, AP, SP, gold, crystal hero skin, tokens, books, resources, copper, premium treasure, legendary troop
3. The opponent cannot aviod the damage of morale attack in any case, so you must learn this ability first.
4. Every hero needs 2 primary soldiers at least. Now, drag the (swordsmen) in the third preselected soldier slot to anywhere outside to dismiss it.
5. All your heroes can be equipped with treasures. Click the treasure slot on the right side of the hero to open the treasure house.

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