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2045 Wasteland Rebuild Game story

An unknown apocalypse struck. Humans, affected by mysterious powers, were transferred into terrible zombies. The entire world sank into chaos. Argent Dawn, Crimson Dusk, Lost Tribe, and the Undead Legion rose, and began to fight each other for supremacy. However, an enigmatic pair of hands quietly pulls the strings behind this great misfortune and disaster... Battle: Heroes do not heal after Military NGZ battles, so bring heroes with HP healing or recovery skills. There's too many zombies! Speed up before they surround us. Everyone hold on! Hold and drag left/right to control and move the vehicle.

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Hack Basics trucos

The injured troops need to rest. The zombies are more scattered here, let's take a break. Let's clear out the nearby area. Tap the Hero Portrait to deploy. Tap the button to enter battle. The Link Pod tets share your best heroes' levels with other heroes. Tap the screen and drag left/right to rotate the camera. Placing heroes in the right combat positions is of utmos. Beat the Path of Conquest to get Enhancer required for hero upgrades. Tap the button to activate Auto Battle. Take up your weapon and elomonate the zombies in front of you. Clear Bounty Missions everyday to earn tons of Gold and upgarde materials.

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Skills: Fire Rain - Shoots a grenade that summons a huge column of fire to engulf the battlefield and burn all enemies, dealing 90% ATK as AoE DMG multiple times. Duel of Honor - Challenges an enemy to a duel of honor in which the caster cannot move. Once the duel starts, increases max HP by 40% and recovers 40% of Max HP instantly and begins to hurl the shield constantly, gaining +45% ATK. Duel of Honor costs 35% of Max Fury. Shield Bash - Bashes nearby enemies with the shield, dealing 120% of ATK as DMG and stunning them for 5s.

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Characters:
Landa - was born into a decorated military family whose every generation had served and shed blood for their homeland. Having never seen her father before age ten, she only learned about him through bits of information from her family. In her young mind, "father was just a stranger who was related to her. That was until one day a man walked into her home. Her mother's joyful reaction told her this was father, and from that moment on, her childhood became unconventional. From age ten, she followed her father's military-style discipline and training. It may have appeared repetitive and draining to an outsider, a waste of time and her youth, but to Landa it was like Christmas every day. This was her way of communicating with her father and his way of expressing his love and care. Upon reaching the age of majority, she enlisted as a formal member of the military on her father's advice.

Brian - was sitting at the bar chugging the house beer while scanning the rural pub tor something. He is a plainclothes constable, which he does not care about, as he prefers the title "Hinterland Huntsman". In his mind, he is a shrewd hunter in the remote rural areas tracking down dangerousS predators. Any that becomes his target will not be able to escape his pursuit, no matter how slippery it may be. Tracking down the predators is a highly risky task, since these are reckless, violent felons who do not have a moral compass like others. Being the Hinterland Huntsman is one of Brian's hobbies and his main source of income. In his regular life, he is the father of three and his wife died of disease long ago. Before he got the job as a constable, they lived in poverty with the only solace being the few bucks Brian's labor job got him. Living paycheck to paycheck made him feel guilt toward his family. By chance Brian got the opportunity to work this dangerous job. Betty - is full of life and has a strong moral compass. She never stands by when there is injustice. Some people find that she sticks her nose where it doesn't belong, and she has on more than one occasion learned that the hard way. But she regrets nothing. She is able to maintain her aspirations no matter the obstacles that she is faced with. Like a blazing flame, she illuminates this world shrouded by corruption. Some claim Betty is able to act so wilfully only thanks to being shielded from the harsh reality by her family fortune. But she never paid mind to these remarks, because she knew what she wanted to and should do. To say Betty's family produces fire equipment would be an understatement. A third of the products sold worldwide are manufactured by their company. As the first in line to Succeed her family business, Betty naturaly worked in it to learn the ropes. She wasn't so much as interested in the products as she was destroying them.

Patton - has been a sheriff in Pasadesa for ten years, an integral part of the community. Everyone in the town calls him chief as a sign of respect and recognition. Ten years ago, when Patton was only twenty-two, he was an elite soldier in the special forces. He was sent to a war zone to join a security detail. During one mission, he was severely injured trying to protect a comrade and was hospitalized for three whole years. As a result, he was no longer fit for battle. At his commanding officer's discretion, he received an honorable discharge. Patton returned home hoping to become a police officer, but his application was rejected due to his physical condition. He tried his luck in many other precincts but was rejected on the same grounds. After numerous rejections and ridicule, Patton was ready to give up. Pasadesa was his last hope before quitting. The residents welcomed him warmly, and he became sheriff with a unanimous vote.

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Clear stage 2-8 or raech VIP3 to unlock chat. Clear stage 2-4 to unlock Danger zone. You go on adventures in Military NGZ, hunt for treasure in Apocalyptic Dawn, fight other commanders in the Arena, and prove your strength in the Path of Conquest. Clear stage 2-20 to unlock Brigade. In the brigade, tons of brigade coins can be obtained by hunting regular bosses and timed bosses, and these coins can be exchanged for powerful gear in the brigade shop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter 2045 Wasteland Rebuild cheat code - give: shards, elevation pack, gold, gems, super monthly pass, brigade coin, MGZ coin, 10x draw, orange heroes, limited time growth.
3. Clear stage 1-9 to unlock Camp. You can find more heroes at the Comm Station and upgrade their quality in the Lab. You can buy all sorts of gear and materials in the Market and use them to increase the Power of your heroes. Clear stage 2-1 to unlock Recruit more heroes through the Comm Station.
4.Resetting returns the original hero and all growth materials. Reset is free for heroes below Lv 60. 1) Dismissing heroes gives plenty of Honor Medals and all resources you invested to them. 2) Only common heroes can be dismissed. Other heroes can be evolved at the Lab.
5. When you own 2 or more Elite+ or better heroes of the same name, the lower quality hero can be reserved.
6.Q: How t0 play this game? How do i get A: Follow the Survival Guide and Lounch Fest in the early phase. Spend gems in 10x draws to get more heroes and materials

Q: What can i do if i can't beat a stage?
A: Place a tank in the front row And DPS in the rear row. Focus on training 2 to 3 heroes for satge progression.

Q: How do i get more heroes?
A: Spend gems and energy bars in 10x draws. Buy them at the shop or fight in the Arena to craft them using Dog Tag shards

Q: What is thee best formation?
A: There isn't a best formation, only formations that best fit the situation.

Q: Is this game pay-to-win?
A: You can have fun as a F2P player. Paying guarantees more power.

Q: What are your bonuses?
A: Hey, commander, keep reading! You'll [Gift code]. We prepared a great prize for new players. Look for hints to find it (gift code in case-sensitive)

Fight the Brigade Boss to earn Brigade Coins that are exchangeable for awesome gear at the Brgade shop. When the common station finds an elite hero, you'll have a higher chance to get an [Elite] hero on your wishlist(total elite hero chance is unchanged) Mega Pack XSLB 6666.

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